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Jan 21 - WH Clean Energy Task Force Meeting. 7:00-9:00 P.M. Town Hall, Rm 422.





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 The West Hartford Clean Energy Task Force (WH-CETF) was created by Town Council in September 2005 to implement the town’s commitment to obtain 20% clean energy by the year 2010 and more broadly assist the town on energy-related matters. Our Task Force is comprised of volunteers, town employees, and town council members who work together to make West Hartford a cleaner and greener town and is always looking for new members to help us achieve our goals.

How to Get Involved - Join us! Come to our next meeting to see what this is all about. Email WH-CETF@yahoogroups.com or catherine.diviney@westhartford.org to be added to our group and find out about our next meeting. We generally meet every month at Town Hall.


Date  Time  Place  
 Jan 21, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Feb 18, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Mar 18, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Apr 22, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall 
 May 20, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Jun 17, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Jul 15, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Aug 19, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Sep 16, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Oct 14, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Nov 18, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Dec 16, 2015  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall
 Jan 20, 2016  7-9 PM  Rm 422, Town Hall

Current Projects

  • West Hartford Has Energy
  • Encouraging residents to sign up for Home Energy Solutions, an home energy audit and efficiency program .
  • Encouraging businesses to participate in the Small Business Energy Advantage Program, conduct audits and implement energy efficiency projects.
  • Encouraging residents and businesses to sign up for CTCleanEnergyOptions, a clean energy (or "green power") option on their utility bill. For every new sign-up, the Town earns points towards free solar panels for school or town buildings.
  • Helping the Town implement the 2009 Comprehensive Energy Plan.
  • Expanding the 2009 Comprehensive Energy Plan to cover the greater West Hartford community - residents, businesses, and other institutions. 


Mayor Slifka and students in front of Conard High School solar array.

Task Force promotes Solarize West Hartford in the Park Rd Parade.

Task Force takes a energy efficiency tour at Legrand, a local West Hartford business.

Solar panels at Wolcott Elementary School, installed FREE thanks to West Hartford residents and businesses who signed up for CTCleanEnergyOptions on their utility bills!