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Veterans Memorial 
Ice Skating Rink
56 Buena Vista Road
West Hartford, CT  06107
Phone & Fax: (860) 521-1573


In Memory of Marine Lance Corporal
Lawrence R. Philippon

Recreational Skating

Ice skating – it’s exhilarating…it’s exciting…it’s a great recreational sport that can be enjoyed year round by all ages – youngsters, seniors and everyone in between!  Skating is a wonderful way to get in shape and stay in shape – it’s a superior form of aerobic exercise with proven cardiovascular benefits.  And it’s great fun, too!  VMSR’s friendly environment makes it a perfect place to skate and socialize with family and friends.  Recreational skating times are conveniently scheduled on weekday, nights and weekends.  And there are always special holiday and school vacation skating times available.  Get in on the action at VMSR – you’ll have fun and you’ll feel great, too!

Fall/Winter/Spring General Public Skating Sessions

Summer General Public Skating Sessions

Holiday Public Skating Sessions

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