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Leaf Collection

Fall 2013- Fall Bagged Leaf Collection- October 21st through December 27th

Each Fall the Town of West Hartford offers residential properties a bagged leaf collection program which runs up to 10 weeks. Traditionally collection begins in October on the Monday after Columbus Day.

Each week on your regular refuse collection day crews will collect leaves bagged in 30 gallon biodegradable paper bags placed at the curb.

Leaf Map

Is my property eligible for bagged leaf collection?

  • Only properties receiving West Hartford trash collection are eligible for collection.

What type of bags can be used?

  • 30 gallon biodegradable paper bags are the only bags allowed under the program.
  • Bags free of branches, sticks, rocks, dirt, grass and other debris will be collected.
  • Bags less than 60 lbs. will be collected.

When will the bags be collected?

  • Bags will be collected on your regularly scheduled refuse collection day for 10 weeks starting October 21st.
  • Bags may be collected in advance of your scheduled collection day. Crews will advance into other collection areas once they have completed their day’s assignment.
  • Bags should be placed at the curb no later than 6 AM on your scheduled collection day. Bags can be placed at the curb at any time in advance.

Is there anything else I should know about leaf collection?

  • There is no limit to the number of bags a resident can place at the curb.
  • Most collection areas are completed on the day they are scheduled.
  • If an area is not completed on the schedule day of collection crews will complete the area the following day.
  • Collection will only be canceled or postponed due to severe weather conditions or events.
  • The most common postponement will be due to accumulating snow.

Why was my leaf collection skipped or missed?

  • Bags not placed at the curb by 6 AM or at the time of collection may be missed.
  • Crews are not able to pick up bags when there parked vehicles in front of bags.
  • Crews cannot pick-up bags with unacceptable material such as branches, sticks, rocks, dirt, grass and other debris
  • Crew cannot pick-up leaves placed in plastic or other non-conforming paper bags.

Are there alternatives to bagging leaves?

  • Yes. Residents are encouraged compost their leaves on their property. Leaf compost provides a rich soil for gardens and flower beds.
  • Leaves can also be mulched into your lawn with a mulching mower. Leaves mulched into your lawn provide a good source of nitrogen for spring growth.
  • You could contract the services of a private landscaper to remove your leaves.
  • You could also deliver your leaves to the town recycling center at 17 Brixton Street during normal hours of operation. A fee based permit is required to use the recycling center.

Can my landscaper dispose of my leaves at the town's Recycling Center free of charge?

  • Yes. Public Works offers a residential leaf voucher disposal program free of charge to eligible residents. The voucher program is available during the leaf collection season which runs from October 21, 2013 through December 27th 2013. Be sure that your contractor uses the vouchers to deliver leaves to the Recycling Center for leaves generated on your property.

What else should I know about the residential leaf voucher disposal program?

  • Vouchers allow your contractor to dump leaves, generated from your residential property only, free of charge.
  • Residents may use as many vouchers as needed during the 10-week collection period to dispose of their leaves.
  • Normal contractor disposal fee of $54.00 per ton is waived with a residential voucher.
  • A staff member from the Town of West Hartford or the Recycling Center may contact you to verify the information.
  • Resident’s using vouchers should only be charged for the cost of transporting their leaves for disposal and associated labor charges by their contractor.
  • Contractor’s or Resident’s violating the intended use of these vouchers will have their privileges revoked.
  • To ensure that only leaves collected from your property are disposed, we ask that you, the resident , provide the information requested on the voucher. Please complete the information requested, sign it, date it and give it to your contractor who will present it at the recycling center as proof that the leaves came from your property. To prevent misuse of the leaf vouchers they will only be valid for seven days from the date signed by the resident.


Contractor’s Voucher requirements and guidelines

  • Residential use only – as a guide, only dwellings where Town sponsored refuse collection exist are eligible to use a voucher.
  • Commercial, industrial and mixed use properties are not eligible to use vouchers.
  • Contractors cannot present vouchers for mixed loads of residential and commercial leaves.
  • Contractors cannot present vouchers for residential leaves generated in other towns with those generated in West Hartford.
  • Loads generated from more than one property must present a voucher from each property collected to generate that load.