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Fall Leaf Collection

Leaf Voucher Program

2013 Leaf Bag Collection Runs from October 21st through December 27th

The program’s intent is to provide residents with free disposal of their leaves when they are delivered to the Town’s Recycling Center by private contractors. The Recycling Center is located at 17 Brixton Street in West Hartford. Residents may use as many vouchers as needed during the 10-week collection period to dispose of their leaves at the Recycling Center. This year’s program runs from October 21st through December 27th . No vouchers will be accepted before or after the scheduled collection dates.

This Leaf Disposal Voucher will allow your contractor to dump leaves, generated from your residential property only, free of charge at the Town of West Hartford Recycling Center. Normal disposal costs without a voucher are $54.00 per ton. Resident’s using vouchers should only be charged, for the cost of transporting their leaves for disposal and for the labor charges associated with cleaning their property. The Town of West Hartford will pay a discounted $27.00 per ton price for leaves disposed under the voucher system. It is in your best interest as a resident and taxpayer to ensure that your contractor uses these vouchers for leaves generated at West Hartford residential properties only. Contractor’s or Resident’s violating the intended use of these vouchers will have their privileges revoked.

To ensure that only leaves collected from your property are disposed, we ask that you provide the information requested on the voucher. Please complete the information requested on the voucher, sign it, date it and give it to your contractor who will present it at the recycling center as proof that the leaves came from your property. To prevent misuse of the leaf vouchers they will only be valid for seven days from the date signed by the resident.

A staff member from the Town of West Hartford or the Recycling Center may contact you to verify the information.

Voucher Guidelines

  • Residential use only – as a guide, only dwellings where Town sponsored refuse collection exist are eligible to use a voucher.
  • Commercial, industrial and mixed use properties are not eligible to use vouchers.
  • Contractors cannot present vouchers for mixed loads of residential and commercial leaves.
  • Contractors cannot present vouchers for residential leaves generated in other towns with those generated in West Hartford.

Town of West Hartford and EnviroCycle staff will do random checks to confirm origination of leaf vouchers and dumping fee savings to residents.

Loads generated from more than one property must present a voucher from each property collected to generate that load.