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The Yard Waste & Recycling Center web page contains information on the following:

* Yard Waste permit

* Recycling Center permit

* Permit fees

* Permit application

* Compost pick-up and delivery

* EnviroCycle: hours of operation, holidays, driving directions

West Hartford's Yard Waste and Recycling Center

West Hartford's Yard Waste and Recycling Center


Monday through Friday  7:30 AM - 4 PM

Effective March 1st 2014 Porcelain, Tile, Plaster or Ceramic material will no longer be accepted.

2014 Permits will go on sale on or about March 1st



Our recycling facility is operated, under a municipal contract, by EnviroCycle LLC, a Bloomfield-based organic waste management company. The center, located at 25 Brixton Street, provides West Hartford residential property owners with the opportunity to dispose of leaves, yard waste and other non- organic recycling materials.

  • The residential drop off area is strictly for residential property owners delivering leaves, brush and yard waste themselves from their residential property.
  • Landscapers and persons working for hire are prohibited from using the residential drop off area and must go over the scale and pay the commercial rate.

Residents are encouraged to dispose of their yard waste at the center instead of putting yard waste into their refuse barrels.

  • Yard waste is processed at the recycling center at an average cost of $27.00 per ton versus the $61.20 per ton if placed in your refuse barrel.
  • It is estimated that West Hartford’s refuse disposal costs are increased by over $100,000 annually due to yard waste placed in our refuse barrels.

Please check Weekday and Saturday Hours of Operation and Holiday Closings (bottom of page)

The following guidelines have been put in place to prevent misrepresentation and misuse of the facility at the expense of West Hartford tax payers.

  • All vehicles entering the facility are required to display a valid annual yard waste permit.
  • Driver’s license & vehicle registration addresses must match the West Hartford address of the permitted vehicle.
  • Staff frequently makes spot checks at properties from which yard waste is declared. These spot checks are done in an effort to confirm non-commercial use of the facility.
  • All vehicle entries to the facility are logged to monitor proper use of the facility.

What type of vehicles can use the center?

  • Passenger and Combination plated vehicles only.
    • Includes, passenger cars, vans , SUV’s , Pick-up trucks & trailers

Pick-up trucks with a standard 8 foot fixed bed or tow behind trailer up to 14 ft in length with a fixed bed. No dump bodies

What types of vehicles are restricted from the center?

  • Any vehicle with commercial license plates.
  • Vehicles with advertising or signage.
  • Any vehicle the attendant feels may present a danger or hazard.

Annual Permit Now Required

Annual Permit Date April 1st to March 31st

Who is eligible for a Full Use Annual Residential Permit to use the drop off area?

  • Permits are issued to West Hartford residential property owners only. Applicant must be the owner of property applying. Town staff will verify ownership through land records.  Persons found not to be owners will have their permit revoked and will not receive a permit refund.
    • Renters of single family dwellings may acquire a permit if the property owner transfers eligibility to the tenant. Single family rental properties may only have one permitted resident.
  • Owner occupied residents of 2 and 3 family dwellings. Only the owner of multi family dwelling of 3 units or less or their designee will be eligible to acquire a permit assigned to the property.
  • Condominium residents at complex’s that do not have a contractual landscaping service and are required, by  Condo association by-laws, to maintain their individual unit’s property may obtain a permit
  • Only properties receiving West Hartford refuse collection services will be issued permits to use the Yard Waste Recycling Center.

Who is not eligible to use the residential drop off area?

  • Owners of commercial, retail and mixed use properties are not eligible to use the facility.
  • Apartment renters and condo owners / renters.
  • Landscapers or any other persons working for hire for a West Hartford resident.

Full Use Permit Disposal & Recycling Services

  • Leaves, brush, branches & trees. All material must be free of contaminants and metal.
  • Trees, limbs and brush 6 inches or less in diameter, shrubs, brush and branches and material listed above are disposed in the residential drop off area unless otherwise directed by the gate attendant.
  • Leaves, a State mandated recycling item, may be delivered in bulk or 30-gallon biodegradable bags. No plastic bags please. Plastic bags used to transport leaves for disposal must be emptied out and disposed in the trash.
  • Clean Fill: Dirt, sand, concrete, gravel, bricks, rocks and stones.  All material must be free of contaminates and metal items or fixtures.
  • Grass clippings, a State mandate recycling item, can be disposed for a minimum fee of $10.00. Lawn thatch and weeds are not considered grass clippings.

Is there a limit on the amount of material I can dispose?

  • Yes, the intended use of the Yard Waste and Recycling Center is to accommodate the disposal of yard waste material generated at a residential property from typical routine yard maintenance. Major tree removal and yard renovation projects generating tons of material are not considered routine and require disposal at the commercial rate. Residential deliveries to the facility are monitored and recorded. Excessive use of the facility may generate a site visit to verify origin of material and quantities. The Department of Public Works reserves the right to limit or restrict use of the facility due to excessive material.
  • Deliveries of yard waste material are restricted to vehicles no larger than a standard pick-up truck with an 8 foot fixed bed or tow behind trailer up to 14 ft in length.
  • Material over 6 inches in diameter no longer accepted as residential yard waste.

Who is eligible for a Limited Use Annual Permit to use the residential drop off area?

  • Persons renting a residential apartment unit in a 2 family dwelling or larger.  
  • Condominium owners or renters where commercial landscaping services are provided.

Limited Use Permit Services

  • A Limited Use Permit allows access to the Recycling Center by West Hartford residents and property owners who do not meet the requirement of a Full Use Permit.  Limited Use Permits do not allow the disposal of any yard wastes or clean fill.
  • Limited Use Permits allow access to disposal of acceptable household recycling material collected curbside: cardboard, waste oil, anti–freeze, car batteries and also allows access to leaf compost while supplies last. 

West Hartford Property owners not meeting Full Use Requirements may be eligible to Purchase a Day Pass. Please see Day Pass information listed below.

Permit Rates

Annual Permit Date Change April 1st to March 31st

Full Use Permit Fees

  • Passenger & cross over vehicles      ……………………………………...………......….$5.00
  • Vans & SUV’s      ………………………………………………………………...…….....…….$15.00
  • Pick-up trucks– no longer than 8 foot bed and must be a fixed bed.
  • No dump bodies      ……..…………………………………………………..…...….......….. $25.00
  • Trailers– Up to 8 feet in length with a fixed bed.
  • No dump trailers      ……………………………………………………………...….............$25.00
  • Trailers – Over 8 feet up to 14 feet in length with a fixed bed.
  • No dump trailers      ……………….…………………………………………….........…..….$40.00

Combination Fees – Must be purchased as a package – Not Sold Separately

  • Passenger vehicle & up to 8’ Trailer …………………………………………………..$ 25.00
  • Van , SUV & up to 8’ Trailer…………………...…………………………………………$ 30.00
  • Pick-up Truck & up to 8’  Trailer…………………………………..……………………$ 40.00
  • Combination of all vehicles above & trailer over 8’ up to 14’ add ….……….$ 10.00
  • A limited use permit may be used on a vehicle used to tow a trailer provided that no yard waste is transported in the tow vehicle.

How do I get a permit?

Property Owners can apply for and purchase their permit onlineor in person at the Public Works Office located at 17, Brixton Street. All permits purchased online must be picked up in person during regular business hours at the Public Works Office. The link below will connect you to the application page for online purchases.

Permit purchases made at Public Works are Cash or Check only

Application for Recycling Center Permits

What is a Residential Day Pass and who is eligible?

Please note:

Day Passes are issued and sold only by and at the Public Works Office located on 17 Brixton Street next to the Recycling Center- Mon. – Fri .8 AM–4 PM excluding holidays. Day Passes needed for Saturday disposal must be obtained in advance.

What is a residential day pass and who is eligible?

  • A Day Pass allows access to the facility by residential property owners borrowing or renting a vehicle to deliver yard waste generated at their residential property.
  • A Day Pass allows access to the facility by non – resident West Hartford residential property owners for disposal of yard waste generated from their West Hartford residential property.  Material from out of town is not acceptable.
  • A residential property owner must apply in person for a Day Pass and deliver the material themselves.
  • No Day pass will be honored at the drop off area if the property owner is not present.
  • Out of town property owners must show proof of ownership. Most recent tax bill or utility bill no more than 1 month old will be accepted as valid proof of ownership.
  • Vehicles no larger than a standard pick-up truck with an 8 foot fixed bed or tow behind trailer up to 14 ft. in length.
  • Registrations for vehicles and trailers must be valid and presented at Public Works when applying for a Day Pass.
  • Residential property owners with passenger or crossover vehicles only not wanting to purchase an annual permit may obtain a no fee day pass for use of the facility. The pass is only good for trips to the center on the date of issue noted on the pass and does not allow access to the facility for future dates. A new pass must be obtained for future trips.

Day Pass Rates

 Passenger & crossover vehicles

 Day pass required, no fee

 Van’s & SUV’s


 Pickup truck


 Trailers over 8 foot up to 14 feet


If you have any questions please call 860-561-8100.  Day Passes are available only at the DPW Office; located at 17 Brixton Street, West Hartford.

Leaf Compost Pickup and Delivery

Compost is available early spring through late fall. There is a maximum of 6 cubic yards per property annually.

Compost Pickup

  • Leaf compost is available for West Hartford residential property owners at the Yard Waste & Recycling Center. Residents may take up to 6 cubic yards per property annually either by self-pickup or delivery. Property owners are required to load their own vehicles manually.
  • Access to the Recycling Center requires an annual permit or day pass. Day passes for West Hartford property owners using a passenger vehicle are free. Pickup trucks, vans, full size SUVs and trailers require a fee based day pass. Day passes are available only at the Public Works office during normal business hours.

Compost Deliveries

Leaf compost is also delivered in quantities of up to 6 cubic yards for a delivery charge of $75.00 plus tax. The compost itself is free to West Hartford residential property owners. Deliveries are restricted to a first-come, first served basis and are managed by EnviroCycle. To schedule compost deliveries or for further information call 860-231-8100 .

What other recycling opportunities are available at the center?

  • Used motor oil, anti– freeze & car batteries must be left with the scale office attendant – containers are not returnable.
  • Single stream recycling material  collected curbside
  • Scrap metal and corrugated cardboard disposal.
    • Note; Metal disposal is offered  by EnviroCycle and may not always be available.




EnviroCycle Recycling Center

Weekday Hours of Operation:

  • Year round: Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday Hours of Operation:

  • April 6th through the end of May: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • First Saturday in June through mid-October: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Mid-October until mid-December (date varies annually with bagged leaf collection season): 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Closed on Saturdays from the end of December until the first week of April 

Schedule of 2014 holiday and long weekend closings

The Recycling Center will be closed all day for the following holidays unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, January 1

New Year holiday

Monday, May 26

Memorial Day holiday

Friday, July 4

Independence Day holiday

Saturday, August 30

Labor Day weekend

Monday, September 1

Labor Day holiday

Thursday, November 27

Thanksgiving Day holiday

Wednesday December 24

Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 25

Christmas Day holiday

Wednesday, December 31

New Year's Eve

Thursday, January 1

New Year's Day


Go south on New Park Avenue from Flatbush Avenue (or north on New Park Avenue from New Britain Avenue) and turn onto Oakwood Avenue Extension. Continue over the railroad tracks and take the first right on to Brixton Street. The Recycling Center is on the left in an area enclosed by a chain link fence. ALL trucks must be driven up top to the scale.