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Rick Ledwith, Executive Director
Patricia J. Morowsky, Asst. Director
Robin Hester, Office Operations Specialist

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West Hartford Town Hall
50 South Main Street, Room 221
West Hartford, Connecticut 06107
(860) 561-7480
Fax: (860) 561-7492
Web: www.westhartford.org/jobs

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8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday

Working Papers:
If you are 16 years old or younger, Working Papers for minors can be obtained from your local high school.

Employee Services

The Employee Services Department has the primary role of supporting the Town of West Hartford organization by providing services related to human resources management to more than 450 full and part time employees of the Town.  We collaborate with and support operating departments by providing consultative services and solutions to a wide range of human resource issues in a responsive and cost-effective manner.   

Department Mission

It is the mission of the Department of Employee Services to provide leadership and expertise in the development and implementation of sound human resource policy, systems, and programs that support employees of the Town of West Hartford in meeting the organization’s commitment to provide quality services to the residents of our community.

Strategic Goals

  • To provide competent, responsive and professional human resource management assistance and support for all Town personnel and administration.

We are committed to providing guidance and support to all employees and management.  We strive to improve the performance of the organization by attracting and retaining highly qualified employees recognizing and supporting diversity. We will establish and promote clear policies, systems and procedures to help management comply with Town policies, employment and benefit laws and regulations and to ensure consistent application of employment standards and practices that enhance the work environment. 

  •  To ensure organizational productivity.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of employee motivation, job satisfaction, and productivity by creating and fostering an environment of trust and communication of ideas, concerns, and issues that are approached in a problem solving manner.  We support an optimal work environment for obtaining sustained high productivity, continuous improvement, and exceptional customer service.  We seek a safe and healthful working condition for all employees minimizing the depletion of available human resources due to preventable or accidental losses.

  •  To provide employees with continuous learning and development.

We recognize that in order to remain a competent organization we must provide a continuum of learning to enhance the performance of the organization by developing the knowledge, skills, and competencies of employees in their current role, enable them to keep current with changes in technology, equipment, techniques and processes, and develop skills to assume other positions within the organization to achieve organizational values, goals and objectives.

  • To provide cost effective programming and solutions supporting organizational goals and objectives.

We ensure protection of Town assets, manage current and future liabilities of employee benefit programs as well as casualty and property risks.

Employee Services’ Standards of Performance and Values

Professional behavior creates an environment that promotes high quality customer service and engenders a constructive work environment.  Human Resource professionals have an ethical and professional duty to maintain an environment that promotes competent and responsive service to the customers we serve whether they be employees, retirees, applicants, residents, contractors or vendors.

We are expected to conduct ourselves in a professional manner including, but not limited to, working to our highest capability, providing exceptional customer service, maintaining a positive and constructive approach to all interactions, resolving conflicts in an appropriate manner, holding employee information confidential, and using discretion in communications regarding other employees, retirees and their dependents, treating all we interact with dignity, privacy and respect.

Integrity – Demonstrates truthfulness and trustworthiness.  Maintains confidentiality and keeps confidences.  Establishes good rapport with colleagues and customers.  Presents the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner.  Accepts personal responsibility for his/her mistakes or misrepresent him/herself for personal gain or protection.

Professionalism – Conducts self in accordance with principles of professional courtesy and productivity.  Fulfills job responsibilities skillfully to the best of one’s ability.  Maintains a high level of knowledge, skill, and ability. Uses time and resources in a manner that is productive, effective and efficient. Uses sound judgment.  Performs work ethically and with proficiency. Shares professional knowledge and experience willingly with others. 

Respect – Honors, values and demonstrates consideration and regard for oneself and others. 

Collaboration/Teamwork – Places the success of the department above self interest.  Helps, supports, and respects fellow employees.  Works to achieve a common goals.  Interacts constructively with peers, employees, supervisors, and external customers.  Does not engage in behavior that has the purpose or effect of undermining department goals, objectives or fellow employees.  Shows consideration and respect for the thoughts and feelings of others.  Recognizes a range of valid viewpoints. 

Human Resource Services

Affirmative Action

Supports the Town’s Equal Employment Opportunity efforts and directives to ensure the Town maintains a policy of extending fair and impartial treatment to all its current and former employees and applicants.  Conducts investigations of employee EEO complaints. 

Employee and Labor Relations

Advise departments on the interpretation and application of the Town’s policies, procedures and collective bargaining agreements.  Manage labor relations and contract administration.  Coordinates disciplinary hearings for Managers and coordinates the Town’s drug and alcohol testing program for CDL drivers.

Recruitment and Selection

This program is designed to improve the performance of the organization through the effective selection and utilization of the Town’s human resources.  Staff facilitates the Town’s recruitment and selection services that attract and retain a diverse, highly qualified and professional, service-oriented workforce.  Additionally recruitment plans are developed, appropriate labor markets identified, advertisements are composed and placed, valid job-related testing and evaluation instruments are developed and administered in compliance with local and federal guidelines.  Appointments are scheduled for applicants and manages and background checks of employees in sensitive positions are overseen.  Offer effective recruitment and support services to Town Departments and appointing authorities. 

Classification and Compensation

Conducts job studies and analyses on market research to determine competitiveness and employee equity through maintenance of a fair classification and compensation system in an effort to ensure the proper compensation and classification for all positions in the Classified Service.  Compensation structures also provide equitable compensation that attracts and retains competent, qualified employees at all levels.  Coordinates the merit pay review process.