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Nov 14, 2012 :  Re-Community partnership begins

Town of West Hartford enters agreement with Re-Community to sell its recyclables 

On November 14, 2012, the Town ofWest Hartfordsigned an agreement with Re-Community, a leader in the processing and marketing of recycled products. 

For the last few decades, recyclables were sent to CRRA as part of the Town’s refuse and disposal contract. With the expiration of that contract, the Town had an opportunity to re-think how it wants to handle its recyclable materials.

Re-Community ofSouth Windsor,CT, was the best match to achieving our goal of maximizing revenue benefits. More importantly, Re-Community is a leader in helping communities such as yours to re-think waste,” said John Phillips, director of public works.

WhileWest Hartfordresidents are already quite good at recycling, they will be challenged to become even better by improving on the quality and amount of material that is recycled thereby enhancing the Town’s revenue opportunities.

“Recycling needs to become an even greater part of our daily lives. The power to make this relationship successful lies in the hands of our residents,” Phillips said.

West Hartfordcollects over 7,000 tons of recyclable material each year, the third highest municipal producer inConnecticut.  West Hartford is hoping to steadily increase its recycling rate from its current 26% to target rates of 50% and 58 % respectively to meet Federal and State of CT. goals set for 2015 and 2024.

Earlier this month onNovember 9, 2012, the Town ofWest Hartfordpartnered with Covanta Energy Corporation for sustainable waste disposal.  Covanta Energy Corporation is the largest owner and operator of energy-from-waste facilities inNorth Americawith local offices inBristol,WallingfordandAgawam,MA.

Covanta’s sustainable waste disposal services are more cost effective than the Town’s current contract and are expected to provide significant savings.  The Town ofWest Hartfordannually generates approximately 19,000 tons of municipal solid waste. Covanta’s lower per ton rate will be locked in over a five-year contract period.

Residents will see no change in how their trash and recyclables are collected. The only difference is the trash and recyclables will go to two different facilities.