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Police Department


Address & Phone:
103 Raymond Road
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 523-5203
Fax: (860) 523-2178

Please do not use the general police email address to notify the police department of a criminal complaint.  Please call 860-523-5203 for assistance.

West Hartford Police Department



The West Hartford Police Department, in active cooperation with our community, will enforce all laws and work to improve the quality of life.  We will treat every individual with fairness and respect.  We will accomplish this mission by providing professional, high quality police services.

The Police Department's primary goals are:

  • To provide prompt and professional response to medical emergencies, vehicular accidents or crimes reported in West Hartford.
  • To work in cooperation with residents, business owners, interest groups and other town agencies to maintain the high standards for which this community is known.
  • To further the professionalism of law enforcement as a whole.
  • To deliver a high level of service in the most cost efficient manner possible.
  • To maintain the perception of safety among residents and visitors to the Town.  


"First and foremost, West Hartford must be among the safest communities in the region." This is the published policy of the Town's government. It reflects the high expectations of our citizens, and has been the mission of the West Hartford Police Department since 1920.

West Hartford is a diverse community of 61,000 people, but many more are attracted by recreational and commercial areas, including the state's largest mall. Traffic on interstate and commuter routes draws thousands through town daily.

Our crime rate per capita is lower than the statewide rate and our clearance rate is above the statewide average. West Hartford residents surveyed perceive West Hartford business districts and neighborhoods as safe and rate police services highly.*

This is no accident. Public safety is a public responsibility, and any community's safety is ultimately in the hands of its citizens. West Hartford's citizens are active participants in that duty-alert, well-informed, and supportive-- but they rely on their police to attend to that duty full-time.

We believe in "community policing", a strategy that calls for high police visibility in the community and open lines of communication between police and the people we serve. Our officers offer a wide array of programs to reduce and prevent crime. In return, we get terrific cooperation from residents and business people who report suspicious conduct and crime, form neighborhood watch groups, and check on each other's welfare.

Our department enjoys our community's trust, but we do not take it for granted. We recruit highly qualified candidates, train and re-train our officers to high standards of professional skill and ethical conduct, and insist that our officers maintain those standards, both on and off duty.

We want and get the best candidates because we offer exceptional opportunities. We provide specialty training, lateral and promotional assignments, and educational incentives. We maintain a progressive work environment that includes the latest in law enforcement equipment and methods.

The West Hartford Police Department is one of many Town agencies which strive to keep our community a strong, vital, desirable place to live and work. We appreciate your interest, and we remain at your service.