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John Phillips, Director

Address & Phone:
17 Brixton Street
West Hartford, CT   06110
(860) 561-8100
Fax: (860) 561-8141

Office Hours:
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Monday through Friday

Department of Public Works

A Parking Ban will be in effect beginning at 6:00 PM on Monday, January 26, 2015, until further notice.   This parking ban will be strictly enforced.  Please avoid a ticket and being towed by not parking on the street. 

Both garages will be open for free parking for the public.

Due to the snow storm trash and recycle will be delayed one day for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday collection areas.   Please do not put the barrels in the road.


Christmas Tree Collection   runs from  Monday January 5, 2015 to Friday January 16, 2015

New Permit Fees for Bulky and Metal Items  - As of July 1, permit fees for three of the four collection categories changed. A permit for mattresses/box springs is still $45, while permits for bulky items (furniture or structural wood such as fences), appliances, and metals now cost $36. Permit fees are not a revenue source for the town; they are a direct pass-through of the contractor's costs.

Yard Waste and Recycling Permits - Annual permits for the Yard Waste and Recycling Center are available. Click here to apply online for a permit.

Yard Waste and Recycling Center - Please note porcelain, tile, plaster and ceramic material are no longer accepted at the Recycle Center, as of March 1, 2014.

Holiday Collection Schedule - Visit our holiday pick-up schedule page for information regarding observed holiday pick-up schedules.

Pink Barrels - Click here to learn more about the pink barrel campaign. 

Director’s Message

On behalf of the 51 full time and 79 part-time dedicated West Hartford Public Works employees, I would like to thank the Town Manager Ron Van Winkle, the Town Council, other Town departments, residents and businesses for their support. You have provided us an opportunity to perform and deliver supporting services to a great community to live, work and play in.

Everything we accomplish is a result of the commitment and dedication of our most precious resource, the staff. The Public Works Department is a diverse group that possesses many talents. I believe we continue to accomplish more work with the smallest team of professionals in the long history of the department.

Our continuing challenge will be to deliver the same level of service to the stakeholders and residents in an efficient and cost effective manner. We are committed to the highest level of professionalism and best practices in servicing the Town’s assets and infrastructure. Based on the performance of our dedicated Public Works team we are up for the challenges of the future in delivering services to the community.

John Phillips
Public Works Director

Our Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing our customers, the residents and business of West Hartford the safest most cost effective and timely delivery of maintenance services; by applying best practices, sound planning, and honest stewardship of public funds.