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West Hartford

Town Officials

Rick Ledwith

Town Manager

Jill Corrado

Interim Housing Authority Executive Director

Joseph Dakers Sr.

Town Assessor

Leon Davidoff

Town Clerk

Todd Dumais

Town Planner

Owen Eagan

Probate Court Judge

Jennifer Evans

Executive Director WHC-TV

Roszena Haskins

Executive Director of Equity Advancement

Laura Irmscher

Library Director

Catherine Lombardi

Acting Director of Human Resources

Duane Martin

Director of Community Development

Tim Mikloiche

Building Official (Supervisor of Inspections)

Jared Morin

Chief Information Officer

Robert Palmer

Director Plant & Facilities

John Phillips

Director of Public Works

Greg Priest

Fire Chief

Peter Privitera

Chief Financial Officer

Police Chief Vernon Riddick, Jr.

Police Chief

Helen Rubino-Turco

Director Leisure & Social Services

Greg Sommer

Town Engineer