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West Hartford

Town Officials

Joseph Dakers Sr.

Town Assessor

Todd Dumais

Town Planner

Owen Eagan

Probate Court Judge

Jennifer Evans

Executive Director WHC-TV

Matthew Hart

Town Manager

George Howell

Housing Authority Executive Director

Essie Labrot

Town Clerk

Rick Ledwith

Executive Director Human Resources

Duane Martin

Acting Director of Community Development & Town Engineer

Tim Mikloiche

Building Official (Supervisor of Inspections)

Jared Morin

Chief Information Officer

Robert Palmer

Director Plant & Facilities

John Phillips

Director of Public Works

Greg Priest

Fire Chief

Peter Privitera

Chief Financial Officer

Police Chief Vernon Riddick, Jr.

Police Chief

Helen Rubino-Turco

Director Leisure & Social Services

Michael Sinsigalli

Fire Marshal

Carol Waxman

Interim Director of Library Services