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Substance Abuse Prevention

The Substance Abuse Prevention Commission was established in 1989 for the purpose of advising the Town Council on ways that it may help address the problems of substance abuse in the entire West Hartford population.

The Commission shall be appointed by the Town Council. One member shall be appointed to represent each of the following: a school parent-teacher organizations, Bridge Family Center, and HopeWorks. Additionally, a school counselor shall be appointed to represent each of the public and private high schools and middle schools within West Hartford, and a student shall be appointed to represent each of the public and private high schools within West Hartford. One or more members shall be professionals in substance abuse counseling. At least seven members shall be electors of the Town of West Hartford. The terms of the above-designated members shall be three years, but will be staggered so that the terms of 1/3 of the appointed members of the commission shall expire annually on August 31.

The Mayor, Chair of the West Hartford Board of Education, Town Manager, Superintendent of Schools, Director of Human Services, Public and Private School Substance Abuse Coordinator, and Chief of Police or their designees shall serve as nonvoting, ex-officio members of the commission.

The commission meets on the second Thursday of the month but not in July and August.

West Hartford Cares Resource Directory

There are many resources available to help West Hartford residents in a time of need.  Click on the link for a comprehensive list of contact information for those services.  The West Hartford Resource Directory lists telephone numbers for services that you'll need in time of crisis, including the Poison Control hotline, local hospitals as well as agencies that have professionals who can help with child abuse, domestic violence, gambling, parenting, substance abuse and more.

A wallet-size card of this resource directory is available at the Customer Service Desk of Town Hall.


Hines, Jamahl   9 Linwood Street, New Britain, 06052 10-25-2016 08-31-2017
Dulude, Jaclyn  69 Outlook Avenue, 06119 1 10-25-2016 08-31-2017
Rodriguez, Chastity                 35 Hawthorne Lane, Bloomfield, 06002 1 10-25-2016 08-31-2019
D'Addio, Ed      10-25-2016 08-31-2017
Napier, Nordia 8 Park Place Circle, 06110      11-9-2016 08-31-2019
Eppner, David 779 Prospect Ave. C-15, 0619      10-25-2016 08-31-2017
Johnson, Grace  15 Arlington Road   1 10-25-2016 08-31-2017
Patel, Sagar 129 Bainbridge Road      10-25-2016 08-31-2018
Ali, Amal 26 Selldan Street, 06110      10-25-2016 08-31-2018
Grippo, Benjamin 1172 New Britain Avenue, 06110      10-25-2016 08-31-2019
Schensul, Jean  82 Timberwood Road, 06117        10-25-2016 08-31-2018
Paulak, Dave West Hartford Public Schools,
50 South Main Street, 06107
Merritt, Jonathan 9-12-2017 12-31-2020
Drohan, Helen West Hartford/Bloomfield Health District, 695 Bloomfield Avenue, 06002 W561-7900 01-26-10 08-31-10
Kalache, Joseph Human & Leisure Services, 50 South Main Street, 06107 W561-7570
01-26-10 08-31-10
Negron, Leo West Hartford Police Department,
103 Raymond Road, 06107

*Revised 9/13/2017

Council Liaison, Shari Cantor