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Census 2020

Census 2020 questionnaires are now in everyone's home. Did you complete yours? Results help determine how federal funding impacts communities each year. Getting a complete and accurate count in 2020 requires everyone's help. Respond today. Everyone needs to be counted.

Completing the Census is:

IMPORTANT - The 2020 Census is here! Here's a quick refresher of what it is and why it's essential that everyone is counted.

SIMPLE - The Census Bureau is making sure that however you choose to respond - online, by phone, or by mail - that the census is accessible. You choose how you want to respond. Remember, too, that the Census 2020 questionnaire is available in 12 languages.

SAFE - Responses are safe, secure, and no matter how you respond, your information remains protected. 

If you have a college student who has returned home, you may be wondering, Do I count her/him at my West Hartford address or college? This video explains what you should do.

Check out this West Hartford student-produced video on the 2020 Census!