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Census 2020

Completing the Census is:

IMPORTANT - The 2020 Census is closer than you think! Here's a quick refresher of what it is and why it's essential that everyone is counted.

SIMPLE - The Census Bureau is making sure that however you choose to respond - online, by phone, or by mail - that the census is accessible. You'll receive an invitation to respond beginning in mid-March. You choose how you want to respond. Remember, too, that the Census 2020 questionnaire will be available in 12 languages.

SAFE - Responses are safe, secure, and no matter how you respond, your information remains protected. Use a computer at one of our 3 locations to complete the 2020 census for your household. Library staff can answer questions and help you get started. All you need is your address.

VIDEO: What is the Census?
VIDEO: Preview of the 2020 Census Video Language Guide

Census Bureau is hiring! 

Earn extra income while helping your community. The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of people across the country to assist with the 2020 Census count.The Census Bureau is hiring for a variety of temporary jobs, including census takers, recruiting assistants, office staff, and supervisory staff. The pay rate for a Census taker is $23 per hour plus reimbursement for work-related mileage and expenses.To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid Social Security number, and be a U.S. citizen. Candidates must complete an online job application. The application includes assessment questions about your education, work, and other experience. Click here to learn more: https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.

Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz and Mayor Shari Cantor launch Town of West Hartford's 2020 Census Efforts


On August 21, 2019, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor, and other state and local officials launched the West Hartford Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census and highlighted the importance of a complete count for Connecticut. The kick-off was held at the West Hartford Public Library, 20 South Main St., West Hartford.

The 2020 Census provides an opportunity for everyone to be counted. Our goal in West Hartford is to strive for 100%. When community members are informed, they are more likely to respond. 

As a first step, West Hartford has formed a Complete Count Committee and Subcommittees to reach all populations and demographics.  These trusted voices will bring awareness and assistance to the 2020 Census into their communities.

West Hartford is rich in diversity with over 70 different languages from around the world that are spoken in our schools. In fact, for the past 30 years, West Hartford Public Schools has tracked languages spoken in homes of our students. This school year, over 2000 students comprising 22% of our school’s population have a dominant language other than English. The top eight languages are Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic, Nepali, Russian and Urdu.

We are going the extra mile to reach each and every one in our town so they are counted.

West Hartford’s Complete Count Committee includes Nancy Latif, Christine Johnson Hatcher, Astrid Calderon, Pramod Pradhan, Suzanne Oslander, Roszina Haskins and Father David Cinquegrani. The committee is chaired by Mayor Shari Cantor and Town Manager Matt Hart.

We have 18 subcommittees to focus on specific populations in West Hartford that might need assistance and more information in completing the Census questionnaire. (Click here to see a SAMPLE questionnaire)

These populations include: Senior Citizens, West Hartford Public Schools, Hillcrest Area Outreach Center (HANOC), Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and LBGTQ. We also have representatives who speak many of the dominant languages in our community.

The languages include Arabic, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Nepalese, Laotian, African nations, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Caribbean, and Indian.

This is the first step in bringing awareness to this very important national event.