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Employee and Labor Relations

The Town of West Hartford recognizes and respects the right of employees to be part of collective bargaining units in accordance with Connecticut’s Municipal Employee Relations Act (MERA). The Town and its Unions bargain collectively over terms and conditions of employment. The Town strives to promote and maintain a positive labormanagement relationship between our various bargaining units and management.

The Employee Services Department has responsibility for planning and engaging in collective bargaining with our bargaining units and advising department managers and supervisors on the interpretation and application of Town policies, procedures, and collective bargaining agreements.

The Town of West Hartford bargaining units include (click link to view current governing contract):

West Hartford Board of Education administrative contracts include (click link to view current governing contract):

Staff supports operating department management with contract interpretation, disciplinary issues and resolving grievances at all steps of the process. We endeavor to facilitate resolution of concerns between unions and management personnel and participate in Employee Involvement Meetings, as requested. If internal resolution to a grievance is not achieved, department representatives participate in grievance hearings and arbitration cases.