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Engineering Projects

Pavement Conditions 

The Engineering Division annually performs visual pavement condition assessments at the end of each year. The following link shows the2018 Pavement Condition Map. This map displays the pavement conditions by colors for either Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or Extremely Poor.

Each year, the Town focuses its paving resources toward the Extremely Poor roadways. As part of the repaving effort, the Engineering Division meets with the utility companies to review its tentative list of roadways to be repaved. In some cases, the Town will select Poor rated roadways if Extremely Poor roadways are not available.

In 2018, 20 miles of roadways were rated in Extremely Poor condition, while 45 miles of roadways were rated in Poor condition.

The Town maintains 217 miles of roadways and averages 8.5 miles of paving each year including reconstruction and repaving projects.

Roadway Repaving

The Town plans to repave the following roadways as part of its first of three repaving rounds:

  • Boulevard (Quaker Lane South to Whiting Lane) - Completed   
  • Fern Street (North Main Street to Trout Brook Drive) - Completed
  • Brookline Drive - Completed
  • Arlington Road - Completed
The Town plans to repave the following roadways as part of its second of three repaving rounds:
  • Davenport Road
  • Laurel Drive
  • Richmond Lane
  • Richmond Road
  • Day Road
  • Hilldale Road
  • Peyote Road
  • Seymour Avenue
  • St. Charles Street
  • Quaker Lane South (Talcott Rd. to New Britain Ave.)

Roadway Reconstruction

The Town plans to reconstruct the following roadways during the 2019 construction season starting in mid-April (listed in order of schedule from the first to the last project):

  • Garden Lane
  • High Street
  • Lancaster Road
  • Stanley Street
  • Ridgewood Road
  • (Farmington Avenue to Sedgwick Road)
  • Ringgold Street 

Park Rd/ I-84 (Exit 43) Interchange Improvement Project

For information, please visit the project website at www.WestHartfordCT.gov/ParkRd.

Trout Brook Multi-Use Trail

The Town continues its efforts to construct the Trout Brook Multi-Use Trail from Asylum Avenue to New Park Avenue in phases.  The Trout Brook Multi-Use Trail is a predominantly off the road trail.  Some sections are complete while others are nearing construction or design.  Most of the trail will include a 10 foot wide paved surface that is restricted to non-motorized users, such as bicyclists and pedestrians.

Phase 3  -  Park Road to Jackson Avenue

The Town has funding for this project and has started the design.

Phase 5  -  Fern Street to Farmington Avenue

The Town received grant funding for this phase from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection through a recreational trails program.  Final design for this phase is underway.  The Town anticipates construction to start in 2019.  

Phase 6  -  Duffield Drive to Fern Street

The Town received grant funding for this phase from the Connecticut Department of Transportation through a local transportation capital improvement program.  Final design for this phase is underway.  The Town anticipates construction to start in 2019.  

Phase 7  -  Asylum Avenue to Duffield Drive

The Town plans to use its capital improvement program funding to construct this phase in conjunction with phase 6. Please see the Overall Concept Plan

North Main Street Bridge Rehabilitation 

The North Main Street Bridge is located just north of Wyndwood Road and Linbrook Road.  This bridge was originally constructed in 1901 and is in need of a major rehabilitation.  During the bridge work, North Main Street will be reduced from four lanes to two and one sidewalk will remain open at a time.  Significant delays are anticipated so motorists should seek alternate routes.  A temporary traffic signal will be installed at the North Main Street intersection with Wyndwood Road and Linbrook Road to assist motorists and pedestrians. 

Braeburn Road Culvert Rehabilitation

The Braeburn Road culvert is located on Braeburn Road just east of the Braeburn School driveway. The culvert was installed in 1960 and consists of two corrugated metal pipes (6 feet high by 9.5 feet wide) that convey the West Branch of Trout Brook under the roadway. The corrugated metal has voids under, before and after it, which makes the culverts unstable.

The rehabilitation includes the installation of scour protection on the culvert inlets and outlets. Installation of reinforced concrete along the bottoms of both culvert pipes. The work is anticipated to take up to 6 months to complete. The project will start in July 2019.  

Mountain Road at Albany Avenue (Route 44) – Intersection Improvement Project

The intersection of Mountain Road and Albany Avenue is heavily congested and experiences excessive vehicular delays. The proposed improvements will reduce the Mountain Road queues and better accommodate motorists and bicyclists. The project will focus on the Mountain Road approaches, where the roadway will be widened to provide a left turn lane, thru lane, and a shared thru/right lane in each direction. The project will also include: traffic signal replacement, sidewalk repairs, bicycle lanes, and an extension of the culvert under Mountain Road serving Mountain Farms Brook. The project is currently being designed. Construction is expected to begin in the Summer of 2020 and is expected to be completed by Spring of 2021.
Click here for PRIVATE CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS occurring in West Hartford. These are projects not managed by the Town of West Hartford.