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Street Excavation Permits

Street Excavation Permits are required for any excavation within the public street right-of-way for utility, storm water, or private purposes. Permits are issued by street address.

Licensed contractors may apply for street excavation permits by coming to the Customer Service Desk in the Town Hall lobby or Room 204 in Town Hall, or may print out the entire application from the below link, complete the highlighted areas, and return it with the appropriate fee either by mail or in person. Also, if necessary, please print out and complete any missing requirements from the links below and return with the application and fee.

Please complete all highlighted areas only on the permit application.

The requirements to apply for a Street Excavation Permit are as follows:


A $10,000 Town of West Hartford Bond Form completed on both sides

(on your insurance company's form)

•General Liability $1,000,000
•Auto Liability $1,000,000
•Worker's Compensation (if applicable)
•West Hartford named as additional insured
•30 days notice of cancellation


On West Hartford form, must be signed by owner of company or office and notarized


•Annual License fee: $50.00
•Permit fee for each address: $50.00
*First time applying for a permit through this office, your Federal ID # is required*

(If you are connecting to the Town storm drainage system, a Hold Harmless Agreement signed by the homeowner and notarized, is required in addition to the permit application.)

To check the status of your information on file, please call the office at 860-561-7540.