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Emergency Management

The Fire Chief serves as the Director of Emergency Management for the Town. The Town has an Emergency Operations Plan, which covers the coordination and use of resources during any type of natural or man-made disaster. For additional information call 561-8300.

On August 1, 2013, the State of Connecticut released a new website, www.ctrecovers.ct.gov, entitled Connecticut Recovers. The site will serve as a permanent, one-stop portal for residents, businesses and municipalities to gain information about services available in the aftermath of natural disasters and other emergencies, such as available federal and state grants.  The site also has planning and preparedness resources. 

Be Prepared

In the past decade alone, West Hartford and surrounding towns have been affected by blizzards, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, blackouts and heat waves. There is no better time than right now to prepare for the next disaster. Visit http://www.getreadycapitolregion.org for instructions on how to prepare for these events:

Residents need to be ready by following these three easy steps:

Be Connected

Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news by signing up for our Community Advisory Notification System. This emergency notification system enables the Town to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons, and evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods.

You will receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify, such as your home, cell, or business phone, email, text messages, hearing impaired receiving devices, and more. You pick where, you pick how.