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Fire Safety

Fire Prevention Programs are conducted by fire personnel for any industry, health care facility, and educational or civic organization in West Hartford. The cost is free and for more information call 561-8320.
Fire Station Tours of the five fire stations may be arranged by calling 561-8300. These tours explain the functions of various apparatus used in fighting a fire. Demonstrations can also be performed at various community-facility locations upon request. The cost is free.

The various fire companies upon request of the owner or occupant will perform residential Dwelling Inspections. Fire safety problems along with corrective suggestions are noted. For information call 561-8320.

Industrial Fire Brigade Training will be conducted upon request. Classroom and hands-on training to facilitate fire suppression will be given to any local business. For information call 561-3820.

The department will assist with smoke detector placement recommendations in single or two family homes for West Hartford residents. For more information call 561-8320.