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Community Services

The department will assist the occupant of any home or business with storm water removal from
their property. Call (860) 523-5263. Due to the environmental requirements of Connecticut State

The department can remove a lock from a residence or business with proper identification in an
emergency situation. For emergencies call 911. For non-emergencies call 523-5263.

To obtain a written report of an incident, fax a written request to 561-8922 or drop the request in
the mail or you may request it in person by stopping by our office.

The department maintains a registry of the location of individuals with special needs to assist in
their evacuation. The registry listings are verified annually. To register call 561-8300.

The department can provide emergency electrical power to generate life supporting medical
equipment for emergency purposes during power outages. For assistance in an emergency call 911.

The department approves Key Box security service applications. This system allows the Fire
Department to gain entry into a business or residence when necessary, however, it ensures
the security of property for the occupant. For information call 561-8320. Applications must be
approved by the Fire Chief.

Helicopter landing and take off within the Town limits require that the fire department be present
in case of an emergency. For additional information call 561-8300.

Water flow tests may be performed on public or private hydrants and on built-in fire pumps upon
the request of property owners.


And the winner is…Clive gets a ride to school on Engine 1 for the winning bid at a school auction.
(l to r: Lt. Walt Pastet, FF Brian Topolski, AO Kerry Warren and FF Kevin Foster)