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About the Health District

What does the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District do?

  • Protects the environment, workplaces, housing, food and water. Enforces laws that safeguard our water, sewer and septic systems, landfills, food establishments, day care center, businesses and neighborhoods.
  • Prevents epidemics by working to eliminate the spread of certain diseases like measles and TB. 
  • Encourages health behavior through health education efforts that stress prevention and individual responsibility.
  • Watches over the health condition of the community gathering information that can be used for rapid response to emergencies and for planning programs.
  • Assures public health through enforcement of state, federal and local laws.

How does the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District operate?

The District is a separate government entity from the member towns. It is governed through a Board of directors appointed by the elected legislative bodies of the member towns. The size of the board is population related. The District board consists of five representatives from West Hartford and three from Bloomfield.

How is the District staffed?

The District employs one full-time director of health, one full-time assistant director, five full-time sanitarians, one full-time and one part-time public health nurses, one full time office manager, one full-time clerical assistant.

How is the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District funded?

  • Each member town contributes a portion of local tax revenue
  • The state of Connecticut provides $1.85 per capita funding.
  • In addition the WHBHD received Preventive Health Block Grant funds from the state.
  • Fees and other revenue are generated by various program activities.


Remember . . . Public Health is common sense!

Prevention is less costly than cures and it works! The dramatic improvements in health and life span experienced by Americans over the past century are the result of community-based public health prevention efforts.

Public health is protection and safety!

Local public health should be just as important to you as police and fire protection. It is the first line of defense against disease, from preventing outbreaks of food poisoning in restaurants to enforcing laws that protect the water supply.