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Job Details

Application Method:Full Time
Contact Name:Robin Hester
Contact Email:robin.hester@westhartfordct.gov
Contact Phone:860.561.7488
Position Description:

There is NO application fee. You must be 21 years old or older to apply for this position. Please click on the link below to view and print the job description, list of qualifications and all related application materials. To apply for the position of Police Officer, complete the required documents and mail to: Robin Hester, Town of West Hartford, Department of Human Resources, 50 South Main Street, Room 221, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107. Instructions concerning educational requirements and obtaining CHIP Physical Ability Certification are included in the application package. A copy of your CHIP score must be submitted with your application. Contact CHIP Administrators to obtain information about your score. Please note that our application document, which is available via the hyperlink below, is specific to the position of Police Officer. Applications will not be accepted without full completion of all required documentation. Transcripts must be submitted at the time of application. Unofficial transcripts are also accepted. Do NOT send transcripts or request that schools send transcripts under separate cover. Do NOT attach copies of your Degree/Degree Audit/Diploma/Coursework Report in lieu of Transcripts. Do NOT submit stapled and/or duplex printed applications. Applications should be printed one side onlyIncomplete application packages and/or applications that are not compliant with these specific instructions will automatically be disqualified. All required documentation must be included with your application at the time of submission.

Please mail your non-stapled application to the address noted above; do not fax or emaildocuments unless instructed to do so. This is an open competitive and continuous recruitment. There is no deadline date. Please write LEGIBLY. Candidates submitting complete applications, meeting all requirements, will be contacted via email to come in and take an online entry-level examination. To access qualification information and download the application, please click this link: Police Officer Application

Job Status:Full Time, Salary