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Rental Opportunities

We are now a WI-FI compatible Facility!

Elmwood Community Center "Your Place for Events"

From weddings, family reunions and social gatherings to sports banquets, theatrical performances and business seminars, the Community Center facility is the location of choice for individuals, businesses and community organizations both large and small.

Elmwood's popularity is due to its success in providing flexible accommodations, quality services and reasonable rates.  Its convenient location also serves to make Elmwood Community Center the perfect place for business and social events of all kinds.


To tour the facility or to find out how you can book a room for your next upcoming event, please contact the Main Office (860) 561-8160, Monday thru Friday.

Room rates listed at the bottom of this page.

Ernest O. St. Jacques Auditorium and Banquet Center - Auditorium
This full size auditorium is prominently located on the first floor and provides an attractive setting for a wide range of business functions and social events. It features a 44' x 20' raised stage complete with a retractable curtain, theatrical lighting and a sound system, making it ideal for performances, award ceremonies, dance recitals and lectures. Its wood inlaid dance floor also makes it a perfect venue for small weddings, mid-sized receptions and large parties. The auditorium offers several different seating arrangements:

• 150-180 people can be seated in rows (theater style)
• up to 80 people can be seated at tables (banquet style), with the dance floor in use
• up to 125 people can be seated at tables (banquet style), without the dance floor

 Adjacent to the auditorium is a spacious kitchen facility which is available for rental in conjunction with the auditorium. It features preparation tables, a sink and dishwasher, two refrigerators, one freezer and two stoves, making it a convenient location for caterers to heat, cool or store food items.

Mayflower Suite - 21,23,25
The versatility of this suite, located on the second floor, makes it a great location for physical fitness programs, lectures, business meetings and workshops. It includes three rooms that can be rented as a single, as a double or together as a triple room suite. Ceiling-to-floor gliding partitions can be used to create break-out rooms at the conclusion of large-scale meetings or programs. At full capacity, the suite can accommodate up to 110 people seated in rows audience style or up to 100 people seated at tables.

Webster Social Room- Multi-Purpose Room
Located on the lower level, the Webster Social Room is a practical setting for children's parties, team celebrations, cooking classes and family gatherings of all kinds. Sized to accommodate up to 100 people audience style and 70-90 banquet style, it features a large social room with tables and chairs.



Laurel Hall - 29/211
This multi-purpose hall, located on the second floor, can be utilized as a single or double room with or without the attached kitchen facility, making it a perfect site for meetings, family gatherings or holiday parties - especially those where refreshments or light meals will be served. The kitchen,  includes a sink, dishwasher, commercial stove and refrigerator/freezer, and can be closed off from the adjacent room.  The two rooms can be separated from each other with floor-to-ceiling partitions. As the double room, the hall can accommodate up to 80 people audience style or between 40 and 100 people banquet style. Several other set-up options are available.

Meeting/Class Rooms
Meeting rooms can accommodate up to 40 people audience style, or 25 to 35 people banquet style.

The Elmwood Community Center gymnasium is an elementary school size gym appropriate for team practice, informal play, children's sports parties and various other athletic functions. It features well maintained synthetic flooring and a full size basketball court with regulation height nets. There are no bleachers. This room is not air-conditioned.




Dance and Fitness Studio

The Dance and Fitness Studio is located on the lower level and features a linoleum floor, excellent lighting and full length wall mirrors.