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Arthritis Exercise & Relaxation

Gentle stretching exercises to improve range of motion, joint flexibility, muscle strength, endurance and coordination are led by a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer. Instructor: Brian Elliot.

393902A              Tue                       9:00-10:00A                       1/9-3/13              10 Sessions               $50/$60/$65

Brain Games

Entertaining, interactive group activities such as: word games, riddles and visual puzzles. BRAIN GAMES can increase cognitive awareness and logical reasoning, as well as enhance memory. Instructor: Joel Huntington. No Class: 1/15, 2/19.

393934A              Mon                      10:00-11:00A                     1/8-3/12              8 Sessions                $14/$16/$18

Collage & Painting

Learn to make your own unique, mixed media works of art. By collaging together papers you’ve painted, you will create beautiful pieces that you will enjoy. For all ability levels.   Instructor: Jeff Poole.

393984A              Tue                       10:00A-12:00P                  1/9-2/20              7 Sessions               $70/$80/$85

Group Guitar Lessons

These Beginner group guitar lessons will guide you step by step into learning chords and even some beginner songs. Participants must have their own guitar. Chris Farnham has been teaching Guitar, Bass, and Piano for over 15 years and is a Hartt School of Music Graduate. Instructor: Chris Farnham.

393927A              Thu                       11:00A-12:00P                 1/11-2/15            6 Sessions               $85/$95/$97

393927B              Thu                       11:00A-12:00P                 3/1-4/5                6 Sessions               $85/$95/$97                       

 Learn to Knit

Beginners learn the basics of casting on, knitting, purling, increases, decreases, gauge, yarn and needle selection, and pattern reading at the basic level. Students will learn the techniques to make their own special project. All supplies included. Instructor: Felice Shlizerman.

393994A          Tue                          4:30-5:30P                         1/16-1/30            3 Sessions            $39/$44/$46                                                                                                              

Oil Painting Made Easy

Introduction to oil painting class: Canvas preparation, color composition & color mixing, using a color wheel, brush choices and brush stroke techniques. Develop confidence and your own painting style. Additional supply cost approximately $15 payable at beginning of class. Instructor: Edward Rosado.

393988A              Mon                      1:30-4:00P                         1/29-3/19            8 Sessions               $85/$95/$100

Piano with Jane

Experience a student-friendly approach with our long-established teacher and musician. Private lessons are offered every half hour in our music room.  Participants must have a full-sized piano upon to practice. Instructor: Jane Hupfer.

393936A              Wed                      9:00-11:30A                       1/10-2/14            6 Sessions               $96/$106/$111

393936B              Wed                      By appoint.                        2/21-3/28            6 Sessions               $96/$106/$111      


A system of exercises that increases core abdominal strength, promotes flexibility, heightens body awareness, coordination, concentration, controls breathing and promotes great posture. For all fitness levels. Beginners must be able to attend the first session. Bring your own mat.

Instructor: Helene Korchin. No Class: 1/15, 2/19.

393945A             Mon                      6:00-7:00P                        1/8-3/12              8 Sessions               $56/$66/$71


Involves the regulation of three (3) mutually dependent basic processes: 1. Regulation of Posture; 2. Regulation of Respiration and 3. Regulation of the Mind.  Additionally, the practice of Qigong helps restore vitality, conserve energy. Instructor: Hoa Nguyen.

393955A              Tue                       12:30-1:30P                       1/2-2/6                6 Sessions               $30/$35/$37

393955B              Tue                       12:30-1:30P                       2/20-3/27            6 Sessions               $30/$35/$37

 Safe Boating/Personal Watercraft

Upon completing this 3-day course, the participant will have satisfied CT DEEP’s requirements and be able to subsequently apply for a certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (the cost to apply is $50 and not included in class fee). Instructor: CT DEEP.

394983A             MTW                    5:30-8:30P                         4/23-4/25            3 Sessions          $20                                                                            ce

Silver Sneakers - Balance & Strengthening

This class was designed to strengthen the muscles that help us balance, strengthen the response from the body when off-balance, and to maximize independence doing everyday tasks where balance is required or challenged.  This class includes a warm up, exercises that strengthen the muscles that support balance, positional poses that practice static balance, and movement patterns that practice dynamic balance.  Class is free to Silver Sneakers participants but you must register in advance.  Instructor:  Cindy Guimond

393933A           Tue               11:00A-12:00P                         1/9-2/13             6 sessions        $18M/$20R/$22NR

393933B           Thurs            11:00A-12:00P                   1/11-2/15         6 sessions      $18M/$20R/$22NR               


These classes are designed for adults who love to dance and enjoy great music while getting aerobic Exercise.  If you always wanted to learn to tap dance, are experienced tap dancers, or somewhere in the middle, choose the class that will best fit you. No experience is needed. Instructor: Carol Moriarty. No Class: 1/15, 2/19.


393922A              Mon                      11:00-11:45A                     1/8-4/23              14 Sessions               $87/$97/$102


393905A              Mon                      10:00-10:45A                     1/8-4/23              14 Sessions               $87/$97/$102

Total Body Fitness Video

This class is designed specifically for those over 60, focuses on all areas of the body, head to toe, to promote flexibility, limberness and attain maximum benefits. Video only. No Class: 1/15, 2/19.

393901A             MWF                   9:00-10:00A                       1/3-3/28              35 Sessions         $15 for all

Toning & Strength

Strength training is the only type of exercise that can slow and even reverse the decline in muscle mass, bone density and strength. Strength training can also delay the onset of osteoporosis, lower blood pressure and even reduce cholesterol levels. Instructor: Wendy LeClerc. No Class: 1/15, 2/19.

(3 Day)

393949A             MWF                    9:00-10:00A                       1/3-2/12              17 Sessions     $102/$112/$117

393949B             MWF                    9:00-10:00A                        2/14-3/26             17 Sessions      $102/$112/$117

(Choose 2)

393916A             MWF                    9:00-10:00A                         1/3-2/12              12 Sessions                     $72/$82/$87

393916B             MWF                    9:00-10:00A                 2/14-3/26            12 Sessions                     $72/$82/$87

(2 Day)

393941A             MW                      10:00-11:00A                     1/3-2/12              11 Sessions                   $66/$76/$81

393941B             MW                      10:00-11:00A                    2/14-3/26           11 Sessions                 $66/$76/$81

 Tai Chi

Enjoy the relaxing, graceful movements of Tai Chi while improving your balance, strength and mobility. This is a wonderful exercise for men and women of all ages and physical abilities. Instructor: Faith Geist. Beginner

393912A              Fri                        10:30-11:30A                   1/5-3/9               10 Sessions               $50/$60/$65


393913A             Fri                          9:30-10:30A                     1/5-3/9               10 Sessions               $50/$60/$65

Tai Chi Foundations

Learn the basic techniques and methods to achieve a solid foundation of Tai Chi practice. Deepen your understanding of this martial art and learn more about its origins in this informative and interactive foundations class. Instructor: Hoa Nguyen. 

393997A             Thu                       12:30-1:30P                  1/4-2/22                  8 Sessions               $40/$45/$47

394997A             Thu                       12:30-1:30P                  3/15-5/3                  8 Sessions               $40/$45/$47                                                                                                                             Wellness

 Yoga Mindfulness Meditation

Enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and poise. Additionally, did you know that yoga improves your quality of sleep.  Breathing and meditation techniques help you revitalize and calm your mind and body. Instructor: Janet Conley.

393909A              Fri                          10:00-11:00A                     1/5-2/9                6 Sessions      $36/$41/$43

393909B              Fri                          10:00-11:00A                     2/26-3/23            5 Sessions      $30/$35/$40

 Zumba Gold®    

There are no requirements other than enjoying music and wanting to have fun. Zumba Gold® is done at a lower intensity than Zumba, not quite as fast, but is certainly as much fun! Instructor Wendy LeClerc.

393929A             Wed                      11:00A-12:00P                 1/3-2/7                6 Sessions                       $36/$41/$43

393929B             Wed                     11:00A-12:00P                 2/14-3/28           7 Sessions                       $42/$46/$49

Drop in Fee $7 per class

 Zumba Lovers

Do you love Zumba?  Join Carmen Sarmiento, Zumba lover and instructor, to dance the night away.  Carmen has an amazing success story about how Zumba has helped her lose weight and feel healthier than ever before. Instructor: Carmen Sarmiento.

393931A             Thu                       6:00-7:00P                         1/4-3/29         Ongoing    Drop in Fee $5 per class



Water classes are held at Avery Heights - 705 New Britain Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106, 860-953-1201, ext. 451. Register at Elmwood Senior Center. 


No swimming skills required. Emphasizes stretching, toning and cardio exercise.   This class will improve your energy and fitness levels with no impact on your joints. Instructor: Avery Heights Staff.

393925A               MW                     2:00-2:45P                        12/27-2/2           16 Sessions         $56 Senior Center

393925B                  MW                   2:00-2:45P                       2/26-4/18           16 Sessions        Members Only

Water Walking/Water Arthritis

No swimming skills required. Gentle on the joints while helping you get in shape. Participants gain increased range of motion in stiff, sore joints while protecting joints from weight-bearing impacts. Instructor: Avery Heights Staff.

393926A                  T/TH                 1:00-1:45P                         12/21-2/13         16 Sessions         $56 Senior Center

393926A                  T/TH                 1:00-1:45P                         2/20-4/18          16 Sessions         Members Only  

 Adult Swim Lessons

This class will help older adult students get comfortable in the water while learning basic swimming skills and strokes. It’s never too late to learn!  (Limited space/6 students max/3 minimum). Instructor: Avery Heights Staff.

393930A                  Fri                     12:00-12:45P                     1/5-2/23             8 Sessions         $64 Senior Center

393930B                  Fri                     12:00-12:45P                     3/9-4/27             8 Sessions         Members Only

 This program is only for Senior Center Members! Sign up in the Elmwood Senior Center Office.

Health and waiver forms are filled out at Avery Pool the first day of class for new participants taking water classes. Go to the reception desk at Avery Heights to receive a key card to gain entrance to the pool.   A $10 refundable deposit is required.