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Parking Programs & Services

Pre-paid Monthly Parking

The Municipal Parking Office encourages business entities within Blue Back Square to take advantage of our various business parking fee options.  Establish a parking account for the Memorial Garage, located at 75 Memorial Road, or Isham Garage, located at 17 Isham Road, across from Whole Foods Market.

The monthly fee is $110.00, plus 6.35% Connecticut state sales tax, for each access card. The access cards offer 24/7  parking access to a designated facility at nearly a 50% discount.  (Our normal daily rate for the garage is $0.75 for every half hour with a $7.00 maximum per visit per day.)  The access card does not guarantee a parking space.

Call the Municipal Parking Office at (860) 561-8220 for details. We look forward to assisting you with your parking needs.

Validation Parking

The Validated Parking program is available to corporations and merchants located in West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square. The program is designed for the convenience of their customers.  Monthly invoices would be sent to participating entities for the actual number of validated parking instances at the standard established rates.

Pre-paid Visitor Voucher

The Pre-paid Voucher is valued at $3.00, offering up to 2 hours of parking, at any one of the West Hartford Municipal Parking facilities.   Purchased in advance, they can be used at any time for convenience or as gifts.  Vouchers can be presented one at a time or in multiples, to pay for parking.  They are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Vouchers may be purchased at the West Hartford Municipal Parking Office, 17 Isham Road. 

Workforce Parking Program

West Hartford Municipal Parking is pleased to offer our Workforce Parking Program, designed to provide affordable parking solutions for the Center's service employees.  Employers can setup a workforce parking account with the Town for their employees. Qualified candidates would be employees of West Hartford Center or  Blue Back Square, in the service sector, with a wage rate limitation at $15 or less per hour.  

The program offers tremendous flexibility, supporting most schedules: Full-time, Part-time, and Day or Evening shifts.  Employers can establish a Workforce Parking account with the Town.  Employers would be responsible for information regarding employee turnover and wage qualification, and funding the account.  Click the title above for more detailed information about the Workforce Program.   Click here for the Workforce Agreement Form.