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Parking Rules

Overnight/Night Parking:

Night parking on the street is regulated by West Hartford ordinance. Parking is not permitted on any street at any time between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis through the Police Department for such things as driveway construction, roadway construction which blocks driveway access, or for a short-term out-of-state visitor. Residents may request an "omit tag" online or from the Police Department at (860) 523-5203 for up to three days. The Police Department may also issue a town-wide "blanket omit" during a holiday.

If you have received a ticket, go to Parking Enforcement to learn more about your options.  To protest a ticket, please complete the objection online or complete and mail this form.

Vehicle Rules within parking lots and garages:

  • Speed limit 5 MPH
  • Park only in designed spaces marked on the pavement
  • Obstructing vehicle traffic is prohibited
  • For gateless facilities, PRE-pay with coins, Master Card, Visa at kiosk or Passport Parking app on personal mobile device
  • For gated facilities, pay with Master Card or Visa upon exit when attendant is not on duty
  • No motorcycle / moped or scooter parking in gated facilities

Pedestrian Rules within parking lots and garages:

  • Pedestrian use is limited to transit through the lot, to and from the vehicle
  • Trespassing, loitering, skateboarding and rollerblading are prohibited

Section 168-13 of the West Hartford Code of Ordinances

The following shall be considered violations and penalties for improper parking and, as such, are prohibited acts:

A.   Specific acts and penalty.

(1)   The following are prohibited acts:

(a)  Failure to deposit a coin in any parking meter; any car parked at a parking meter in which the time has expired; or parking over the legal time at any parking meter by inserting an additional coin to extend the legal parking time.

(b)  Parking on any street at any time between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.

(2) The penalty for any violation of this subsection shall be $16.

B.  Specific acts and penalty.

(1)  The following are prohibited acts:

(a)  Parking in any area that is a temporary no-parking area to allow the removal of snow and/or ice.

(b) Parking of a commercial vehicle and/or truck in any residential zone, except for the purpose of delivery, service or business calls.

(c)  Parking in excess of 12 inches from a curb or the edge of the paved surface of an uncurbed street.

(d)  Parking in violation of Chapter 177, Zoning, or fire and park rules and regulations.

(e)  Parking in a loading zone.

(f)  Parking within 25 feet of a corner or stop sign.

(g)  Parking on or within 25 feet of a crosswalk.

(h)  Parking within 10 feet of a hydrant.

(i)  Parking on the wrong side of the street.

(j)  Parking so as to obstruct a driveway. For purposes of this subsection, a driveway is obstructed when a vehicle is parked in a manner which directly blocks any portion thereof or is parked within three feet to either side thereof.

(k)  Parking in excess of the time posted on any street, and each successive period, as represented by the maximum, shall be considered a separate offense.

(l)  Parking in a no-parking zone.

(m) Parking in an intersection or in a marked bus stop.

(n)  Parking so as to impede traffic.

(o)  Parking double.

(p)  Parking in a no-standing area.

(q)  Parking by trespassing on private property, including municipal property, is prohibited.

(r)  Parking on a sidewalk is prohibited.

(s)  The act of trespassing is prohibited.

[1]   For the purposes of this subsection, a person trespasses when he or she enters any premises without intent to harm any property and is not licensed or privileged to do so.

[2]   A person shall not have committed the act of parking by trespassing on private property by virtue of having parked in a parking lot open to public access unless the parking lot has been posted as private or restricted to a limited group.

(2)  The penalty for any violation of this subsection is $38.

C.  Specific acts and penalty.

(1)  Parking in violation of C.G.S. § 14-253a, as amended from time to time (handicapped parking), is prohibited.

(2)  Parking in violation of the Part 2, Article V, Fire Lanes, of this chapter.

(3)  The penalty for violation of this subsection is $89.

D.   In addition to the fines set forth in the preceding subsections, an additional administrative fee of $2 per $10 of the amount of the fine(s) payable hereunder, or any fraction thereof, shall be payable to the Town of West Hartford by each person to whom a citation is issued.

E.    For purposes of this section, each segment of 20 feet or any portion thereof of any vehicle (or combination of a vehicle and attached trailer) shall be deemed to constitute an additional violation and shall be subject to cumulative fines and administrative fees.