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Behind the Badge

Started in 2007, this program was specially designed to introduce the community to the reality of a career in law enforcement.  Separated into three very different experiences (College Academy, High School Academy and Citizen’s Academy), this program offers a unique viewpoint to participants.

The College Academy provides students with a balance of classroom learning and real world application; unlike any internship available.  Challenging, thought provoking and inspiring, this division of the Behind the Badge program helps nurture those who may eventually become the next generation of law enforcement professionals.

The Citizen’s Academy furthers our efforts to unite the West Hartford Police Department with the community we serve.  Focusing on community policing strategies and educating the public at large, this division of the Behind the Badge program benefits the police department as much as it benefits the community.

Each of these divisions is tailored to the audience in order to provide participants with an experience like no other.  The instructors constantly seek out ways to improve each lesson; as well as discover new activities/topics to introduce.  Likened to a career in law enforcement, no two classes are exactly the same.

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