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Case Reports and Accident Reports

The West Hartford Police Department can provide you with copies of your Police Reports and Accident Reports.  
Police and Accident Reports can be obtained from our Records Division inside the main lobby of the Police Department.  The operating hours of the Records Division are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM.  The Records Division is closed on holidays.

WHPD Records Division

103 Raymond Road

West Hartford, CT 06107 

Phone # 860-570-8800

Fax #: 860-570-8899

Copies of accidents/reports can be picked up in person for a charge of $.50 ( 50 cents) per page.  The reports are usually available 5-7 business days after the incident.  You may request copies by mail as well.  There is an additional $1.00 charge if mailed.  You can contact the Records Division at 860-570-8800 to find out the cost of a report that you may need. Please send or drop off Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the Records Supervisor at 103 Raymond Road, West Hartford, CT 06107.

Another service provided for those looking to obtain Accident Reports is Buy Crash. Buy Crash is an online program that will allow you to access your accident report.  Simply go to www.BuyCrash.com