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Police Issued Permits

The following applications are available online. Just click on the link and print out the application that follows. After filling it out, drop off at West Hartford Police Department, 103 Raymond Road, West Hartford, CT 06107.

Food Truck License

Sale of food from any food truck vendor defined in section 177-2 of the West Hartford Town Code will need to obtain a Food License with the West Hartford Police Dept. The application fee is $200 per year. Please review all documents below and submit the completed application with payment to the Records Division in person, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you have any questions, please call the Records Division at 860-570-8800.

Food Truck Application                       Food Truck Map

Food Truck Ordinance                        Food Truck Regulation Summary

Entertainment License

West Hartford Town Code, Chapter 75. Entertainment Licenses requires that any business wishing to have live or pre-recorded amplified musical performances, and or dancing to live or pre-recorded amplified music or song, either by patrons or by performers for the benefit of an audience of two or more persons, obtain a permit from the West Hartford Police Department. There is no fee for this license and the license does not expire.  The license will remain active so long as the conditions to retain it as noted in the ordinance are maintained.  The license is non-transferable to another business or owner.

Click the following links for more information

Entertainment Ordinance

Instructions to obtain Entertainment License

Entertainment License Application

You may also pickup the following documents at the Records Division, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM. The address is West Hartford Police Dept., Records Division, 103 Raymond Road, West Hartford CT, 06107.

Canvas or Sell House-to-House

It shall be unlawful for any person to solicit funds, sell or offer for sale or solicit orders for any goods, wares or other merchandise from house to house within the corporate limits of the Town of West Hartford without first obtaining a certificate of registration from the Chief of Police. Each organization must complete the organization application for a fee of $5.00, which will be valid for one year, and individuals soliciting under the organization must complete the individual application for a fee of $5.00. Applications and payment (cash or check), must be dropped off at the Records Division, Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm. If you have any questions, please call Records at 860-570-8800.

Organization Application to Solicit
Individual Certificate to Solicit

Alarm Permit

An alarm permit is not required for use of your alarm in West Hartford, but it is recommended that you file this form with us. By filling out this form, new alarm owners are exempt from false alarm fines for an initial period of six months. In accordance with the Code of the Town of West Hartford, an alarm owner is allowed 3 false alarms in a calendar year. Each and every false alarm after that will be fined at a rate of $120. We do not require key holders for your alarm system as we contact the alarm company that calls us directly and get the most up to date key holder information from them.  Click here for the Alarm Permit Application.

Overnight Parking

The West Hartford Police Department has released a new online link for residents to obtain parking omits for overnight parking. The new link is available immediately for residents who are unable to park in their driveways or parking areas, allowing them to park on the street without receiving a ticket.

Currently in West Hartford overnight on-street parking is not allowed between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. Cars parked on the street overnight are subject to a ticket. Occasionally a resident may not have access to their driveway due to repair, or they may have out of town guests and do not have sufficient parking and they need to contact the police department to gain an exception or ‘omit’. The Police Department will grant as a courtesy an omit to park on the street for up to 3 days for this purpose.

In 2015 public safety dispatchers took over 18,000 calls from residents requesting a parking omit, often taking away from more important calls. This new system will allow residents to obtain an omit directly through the Town’s website without having to call the police station. Residents will be able to maintain an account with their own vehicles and be able to track their existing and past omits. Police officers will have direct access to the system in their police cruisers to see if a vehicle has a valid omit before issuing a ticket. Additionally there are safeguards built into the system to help avoid abuse of the overnight parking rules.

Residents wishing to do so may access the new parking omit system at https://omits.westhartfordct.gov/.

Questions regarding the new system may be addressed to the police department’s IT Specialist Larry Niland at LNiland@WestHartfordCT.gov or at 860.570.8990.

If you have received a ticket, go to Parking Enforcement to learn more about your options. 

To protest a ticket, please complete the Ordinance Violation Objection Statement form.

Bingo & Raffle Permits


Permit to conduct Charitable Bingo Games

Application for Personal Identification Number

Application for Amusement & Recreation Bingo for PTA Associations

Application for Amusement & Recreation Bingo


Application for a Permit to Conduct a Raffle

Raffle Verified Statement