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Records Division


West Hartford Police Records Division

103 Raymond Road

West Hartford, CT 06107

8AM - 4PM Monday - Friday  (Holidays excluded)

Fingerprinting Services: 8AM - 3PM Monday - Friday (Holidays excluded)

Office # (860) 570-8800

Fax # (860) 570-8899

Sandra Moutinho  - Interim Records Supervisor (860) 570-8802

The Records Division has a staff of seven individuals who are responsible for payroll for the department as well as the maintenance of personnel files, case records, and assisting the public with requests. The Records Supervisor has the additional responsibility of managing the Evidence Room for the department. The division also serves an important public function, providing copies of accident/case reports, permits and record checks as requested.

Copies of police reports/accidents can be picked up in person for a charge of .50 cents per page. The reports are usually available 5-7 business days after the incident. You may request copies by mail. There is an additional $1.00 fee if mailed. We suggest you call the Records Division to find out the cost of a report you might need, (860) 570-8800. Please send or drop off Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the Records Supervisor at 103 Raymond Road, West Hartford, CT 06107  

Fingerprinting (for employment, adoption, financial institutions, etc.) is available for a fee of $10.00 per card (West Hartford resident) $20.00 per card (non-resident). Fingerprint cards can be supplied if needed. They can also be obtained from the requesting agency. The hours are: Monday through Friday 8 AM-3 PM. We cannot provide fingerprints for citizenship or for naturalization purposes. These must be taken by INS. We do not provide Live Scan fingerprinting.

A criminal record check can be obtained at the Records Division. The background check is for the Town of West Hartford only. The fee for a record check is $5.00.

Fees (Cash or Check only)

Copies: .50 cents per page

Record Check for Town of West Hartford only: $5.00

Fingerprinting: $10 per card for West Hartford Residents | $20 per card for Non-Residents

Soliciting Permit: $5 per year for Organization | $5 per year for Individuals