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Collection Schedule

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Street Name Pick up Day
Abbotsford Ave Wednesday
Abrahms Blvd Monday
Acadia St Tuesday
Adams La Monday
Ahern St Tuesday
Albany Ave - # 1818-2512 Monday
Albany Ave - #2523-3312 Friday
Alderwood Dr Monday
Almeda Ave Wednesday
Amanda La Monday
Andover Dr Wednesday
Apple Hill Rd Friday
Arapahoe Rd Thursday
Arden Rd Friday
Ardmore Rd Tuesday
Argyle Ave Thursday
Arlen Way Friday
Arlington Rd Thursday
Arnold Way Tuesday
Arnoldale Rd Tuesday
Arundel Ave Thursday
Ashford Rd Thursday
Asylum Ave - # 1520-1855 Monday
Asylum Ave #1864-1996 Friday
Auburn Rd - # 71-407 Monday
Auburn Rd #7-70 Tuesday
Avalon Rd Friday
Avondale Rd Friday
Bainbridge Rd Monday
Bainton Rd Monday
Baldwin St Wednesday
Balfour Dr Friday
Ballard Dr Monday
Banbury La Friday
Barksdale Rd Friday
Barton St Wednesday
Bassett La Monday
Bayberry Friday
Beacon Hill Dr Friday
Beech Tree La Friday
Beechwood Rd Thursday
Belcrest Rd Thursday
Belknap Rd Monday
Belmont Rd Thursday
Bentwood Rd Wednesday
Berkshire Rd Thursday
Berwyn La Friday
Berwyn Rd Friday
Beverly Rd Tuesday
Birch Hill Dr Thursday
Birch Rd Monday
Bishop Rd Tuesday
Black Hawk La Friday
Bloomfield Ave Monday
Blue Ridge La Friday
Bonny View Rd Wednesday
Borough Dr Friday
Boswell Rd Wednesday
Boulanger Tuesday
Boulavard # 1037-1647 Tuesday
Boulevard #1670-2181 Thursday
Bowen St Monday
Brace Rd Thursday
Braeburn Rd Thursday
Brainard Rd Monday
Braintree Dr Friday
Bramley Rd Thursday
Brattle St Tuesday
Brenway Dr Friday
Bretton Rd #1-86 Tuesday
Brewster Rd Monday
Brian Rd Wednesday
Briarwood Rd Thursday
Bridlepath Rd Thursday
Brighton Rd Monday
Brightview Dr Friday
Brightwood La Wednesday
Brixton St Wednesday
Brook St Wednesday
Brookfield Rd Monday
Brookline Dr Monday
Brookmoor Rd Thursday
Brookside Blvd Friday
Brookside Dr Friday
Brookside Pl Friday
Brownleigh Rd Monday
Brunswick Ave Thursday
Buckingham La Monday
Buena Vista Rd Thursday
Burgoyne St Wednesday
Burnham Rd Wednesday
Burr St Tuesday
Cadwell St Thursday
Calvin Rd Wednesday
Cambridge St Wednesday
Canal Rd Friday
Candlewood Dr Friday
Carleton Rd Wednesday
Carlyle Rd Monday
Carol Rd Wednesday
Cascade Rd Friday
Cassandra Blvd Thursday
Cassilis Rd Wednesday
Castlewood Rd Thursday
Caya Ave Tuesday
Cedar Ledge Rd Friday
Chaffee Rd Wednesday
Chamberlin Dr Wednesday
Chapman Rd Thursday
Chatfield Dr Wednesday
Chelsea La Monday
Chelton Ave Wednesday
Cherryfield Dr Thursday
Chesterfield La Monday
Chestnut Hill Rd Thursday
Chestnut La Wednesday
Cinnamon Cir Wednesday
Clarendon Ave Wednesday
Clark Dr Friday
Claybar Dr Friday
Clearview Ave Tuesday
Cliffmore Rd Friday
Clifford Dr Monday
Clifford La Monday
Clifton Ave Thursday
Clover Dr Wednesday
Cobbs Rd Monday
Cody St Wednesday
Colonial St Wednesday
Colony Rd Monday
Colton Rd Thursday
Common Dr Thursday
Conard Dr Thursday
Concord St Tuesday
Coolidge Rd Friday
Cornell Rd Thursday
Cornerstone Dr Thursday
Cortland Cir Wednesday
Cortland St Wednesday
Cottage Ave Wednesday
Country La Monday
Court Park Tuesday
Crabapple Rd Friday
Craig Pl Wednesday
Craigie Ave Wednesday
Craigmoor Rd Monday
Crescent St Tuesday
Crestview Cir Friday
Crestwood Rd Wednesday
Crocker Ave Wednesday
Crosby St Tuesday
Crosshill Rd Wednesday
Crossroads Pl Monday
Croydon Dr Monday
Cumberland Rd Monday
Custer St Wednesday
Cypress Rd Friday
Dale St Thursday
Danforth La Wednesday
Darcy St Wednesday
Dartmoutn Ave Wednesday
Davenport Rd Wednesday
Day Rd Friday
Dayton La Friday
Deepwood La Friday
Deer Run Dr Thursday
Dermont La Wednesday
Dexter Ave Wednesday
Diana Rd Monday
Dodge Dr Friday
Dogwood La Friday
Dorset Rd Tuesday
Douglas Cir Wednesday
Dover Rd Tuesday
Downing St Wednesday
Drury La Friday
Duffield Dr Monday
Dwight Rd Wednesday
East Maxwell Dr Friday
East Normandy Dr Friday
Eastcliff Dr Friday
Eastview St Thursday
Eastwood Rd Monday
Eaton Cir Monday
Echo La Thursday
Edgebrook Dr Monday
Edgemere Ave Tuesday
Edgemont Ave Tuesday
Edmond Pl Tuesday
Ellsworth Rd Thursday
Elm Dr Wednesday
Elmfield St Wednesday
Elmhurst Cir Wednesday
Elmhurst St Wednesday
Englewood Ave Tuesday
Erwin St Tuesday
Eustace Dr Wednesday
Everett Ave Thursday
Exeter Ave Wednesday
Fairfax Ave Tuesday
Fairfield Rd Friday
Fairlawn St Tuesday
Fairlee Rd Thursday
Fairview Ave Thursday
Fairview St Tuesday
Fairway Monday
Fairwood Farms Dr Thursday
Farm Hill Rd Thursday
Farmington Ave #668-945 Tuesday
Farmington Ave #946-1401 Thursday
Farmstead La Friday
Farnham Rd Tuesday
Fawn Brook Friday
Faxon Dr Friday
Federal St Wednesday
Fennbrook Rd Tuesday
Fennway Tuesday
Fenwood Ave Wednesday
Fern St Monday
Fernbel La Friday
Fernbrook Thursday
Ferncliff Dr Friday
Fernridge Rd Monday
Fernwood Rd Monday
Finger La Thursday
Flagg Rd Friday
Flagstad Rd Friday
Flatbush Ave Tuesday
Florence St Wednesday
Foley St Tuesday
Foot Path La Thursday
Forest Hills Dr Friday
Forest Hills La Friday
Forest Rd Tuesday
Four Mile Rd Thursday
Fowler Dr Wednesday
Fox Chase La Friday
Fox Meadow La Monday
Foxcroft Rd Monday
Foxridge Rd Thursday
Frederick Rd Tuesday
Fuller Dr Monday
Fulton Pl Friday
Gallaudet Dr Friday
Garden La Tuesday
Garfield Rd Thursday
Garland Rd Thursday
Garwood La Friday
Geneva Ave Thursday
Gerthmere Dr Wednesday
Gifford Rd Tuesday
Gillette St Tuesday
Gin Still La Thursday
Ginger Dr Wednesday
Glen Hollow Friday
Glenbrook Rd #39-83 Wednesday
Glenbrook Rd #7-30 Tuesday
Glendale Rd Thursday
Glenn La Wednesday
Glenwood Rd Thursday
Gloucester La Thursday
Golf Rd Monday
Goodsell St Tuesday
Goodwin Pl Wednesday
Governors Row Friday
Grassmere Ave Wednesday
Green House Blvd Wednesday
Greenacres Ave Wednesday
Greenbrier Dr Monday
Greenhurst Rd #39-84 Wednesday
Greenhurst Rd 4-30 Tuesday
Greenridge Friday
Greensview Dr Thursday
Grenhart St Monday
Grennan Rd Thursday
Greystone Rd Wednesday
Grissom Dr Wednesday
Griswold Dr Monday
Grove St Wednesday
Hall St Wednesday
Hamilton Ave Tuesday
Hamlin Dr Friday
Hammick Rd Monday
Hampton Ave Tuesday
Hartwell Rd Friday
Harvest La Friday
Harwich La Monday
Hatheway Dr Friday
Haynes Rd Monday
Hedwig Crt Thursday
Hemlock La Thursday
Henley Way Monday
Hickory La Friday
High Farms Rd Thursday
High Gate La Friday
High Point La Friday
High Ridge Rd Friday
High St Tuesday
High Wood Rd Friday
Highland St Tuesday
Hillcrest Ave Wednesday
Hilldale Rd Monday
Hillsboro Dr Friday
Hilltop Dr Monday
Hiram Dr Monday
Holbrook Rd Thursday
Hollister Dr Friday
Hollywood Ave Wednesday
Hooker Dr Wednesday
Hopewell La Friday
Hosmer Dr Friday
Howland Rd Thursday
Huckleberry La Wednesday
Hugh St Tuesday
Hunter Dr Friday
Huntington Dr Friday
Hurlbut St Wednesday
Huron Dr Monday
Hyde Rd Friday
Ironwood La Friday
Ironwood Rd Friday
Iroquois Rd Monday
Isham Rd Tuesday
Jackson Ave Wednesday
Jacobs Rd Wednesday
Jansen Crt Wednesday
Jefferson Ave Wednesday
Jensen Rd Friday
Jessamine St Tuesday
Jillian Circle Thursday
John Smith Dr Thursday
Juniper La Friday
Karen Rd Friday
Keeney Ave Thursday
Kimberly Rd Thursday
King Edward Rd Monday
King Philip Dr Monday
King Rd Thursday
Kingsley Crt Wednesday
Kingston St Tuesday
Kingswood Rd Tuesday
Kirkwood Rd Monday
Knollwood Rd Wednesday
Knolton La Friday
Lakeview Dr Friday
Lancaster Rd Tuesday
Lasalle Rd Thursday
Laurel Dr Wednesday
Lawler Rd Monday
Layton St Tuesday
Ledgewood Rd Wednesday
Ledyard Rd Monday
Lemay St Thursday
Levesque Ave Tuesday
Lewis La Wednesday
Lexington Rd Tuesday
Lilley Rd Tuesday
Linbrook Rd Monday
Lincoln Ave Monday
Lindy La Monday
Linnard Rd Monday
Linwold Dr Monday
Little La Friday
Lockwood Terr Tuesday
Long View Rd Thursday
Longlane Rd Friday
Loomis Dr Tuesday
Lostbrook Rd Friday
Lovelace Dr Friday
Lowell Rd Tuesday
Lyman Rd Monday
Lynn Crt Wednesday
Madsen Rd Wednesday
Magnolia Hill Friday
Maiden La Friday
Mallard View Dr Thursday
Manchester Cir Wednesday
Manor La Thursday
Mansfield Ave Monday
Maplewood Ave Tuesday
Marion Ave Wednesday
Mayflower St Wednesday
Meadow Farms Rd Thursday
Meadow La Thursday
Meadowbrook Rd Tuesday
Melvin Rd Tuesday
Memorial Rd Tuesday
Meriline Ave Wednesday
Miamis Rd Monday
Middlebrook Rd Monday
Middlefield Dr Monday
Midlands Friday
Mildred Rd Thursday
Miles Standish Dr Thursday
Miller Rd Friday
Milton St Tuesday
Mitchell Pl Tuesday
Mohawk Dr Monday
Mohegan Dr Monday
Montclair Dr Monday
Morningcrest Dr Friday
Morton La Monday
Mountain Brook Rd Friday
Mountain Farms Rd Friday
Mountain Rd - Flagg -High Farm Friday
Mountain Rd - Flagg Rd Friday
Mountain Rd #3-280 Thursday
Mountain Terr Rd Thursday
Mountain View Dr Friday
Mountainside Rd Friday
Mozart St Tuesday
N Quaker - # 161-400 Monday
N Steele Rd Monday
Nesbit Ave Tuesday
New Britain Ave Wednesday
New Park Ave Wednesday
New Park Ave flatbush to prospect Tuesday
Newgate St Wednesday
Newington Rd Wednesday
Newport Ave Thursday
Northmoor Friday
North Main St (Asylum-Farm Ave) Monday
North Main St (Sims Rd-Asylum) Monday
North Quaker La #15-138 Tuesday
Northbrook Dr Monday
Northcliff Dr Friday
Northfield Thursday
Northridge Dr Friday
Norwood Rd Monday
Nursery Dr Monday
Nutmeg Crt Wednesday
Oak Ridge La Thursday
Oakwood Ave #14-280 Tuesday
Oakwood Ave #295-784 Wednesday
Old Brook Rd Friday
Old Field Rd Monday
Old Meadow Rd Monday
Old Mill La Thursday
Old Oak Rd Friday
Orchard La Friday
Orchard Rd Friday
Osage Rd Monday
Outlook Ave Tuesday
Overbrook Rd #40-174 Wednesday
Overbrook Rd #7-36 Tuesday
Overhill Rd Friday
Owings Rd Thursday
Oxford Dr Thursday
Page Ave Wednesday
Palmer Dr Monday
Park Rd Tuesday
Parkview Rd Wednesday
Parsons Dr Monday
Paxton Rd Thursday
Peaslee Hill Friday
Pebble Brook Dr Thursday
Pelham Rd Thursday
Penn Dr Monday
Peyote Rd Monday
Pheasant Chase Friday
Pheasant Hill Dr Thursday
Pilgrim Rd Monday
Pine Brook La Thursday
Pine Rd Monday
Pinecrest Rd Monday
Pioneer Dr Friday
Plainfield Rd Friday
Pleasant St Thursday
Plymouth Rd Tuesday
Pocahontas Dr Monday
Pontiac Rd Monday
Portage Rd Monday
Porter Dr Friday
Prescott St Wednesday
Price Blvd Tuesday
Princeton St Wednesday
Proctor Dr Friday
Prospect Ave (Fern-Park) Tuesday
Prospect Ave (Park-New Park) Tuesday
Prospect La Tuesday
Prospect St (Albany -Fern) Monday
Prospect St (Bloom Ave-Albany) Monday
Quail Hollow Friday
Race Brook Rd Thursday
Railroad Place Wednesday
Randal Ave Wednesday
Ranger La Friday
Ravenwood Rd Thursday
Raymond Rd Tuesday
Red Top Dr Wednesday
Reed Ave Wednesday
Regency Dr Wednesday
Reservoir Ave Thursday
Richard St Tuesday
Richmond La Friday
Richmond Rd Friday
Ridgebrook Dr Thursday
Ridgemont Dr Friday
Ridgewood Rd Thursday
Riggs Ave Thursday
Rillbank Terr Friday
Ringold St Tuesday
Roberts La Thursday
Robin Rd Tuesday
Rockledge Dr Wednesday
Rockwell Pl Friday
Rosedale Rd Friday
Rosemary Crt Wednesday
Royal Oak Dr Thursday
Rughleigh Rd Friday
Rumford St Wednesday
Russell La Monday
Rustic La Friday
Rye Ridge Pkwy Friday
Saddle Ridge Dr Friday
Sampson St Wednesday
Sandhurst Dr Thursday
Scarsdale Rd Thursday
Sedgwick Rd Thursday
Selden Hill Dr Thursday
Selldan St Tuesday
Seminole Cir Monday
Seneca Rd Monday
Sequin Rd Monday
Seymour Ave Tuesday
Shadow La Thursday
Shady Brook Dr Thursday
Shady La Friday
Sheep Hill Dr Friday
Shepard Rd Wednesday
Sherwood Rd Monday
Shipston Rd Monday
Short Rd Thursday
Sidney Ave Tuesday
Sims Rd Friday
Simsbury Rd Monday
Sioux La Monday
Siwanoy Rd Wednesday
Skonet Rd Monday
Sky View Dr Monday
Smallwood Rd Wednesday
Soby Dr Friday
Somerset St Wednesday
South Highland St Tuesday
South Main St #12-152 even Tuesday
South Main St #3-445 odd Thursday
South Main St (New Britain Ave- Town Line) Wednesday
South Main St (Webster Hill- New Britain) Wednesday
South Quaker La #16-490 Tuesday
South Quaker La #496-940 Wednesday
South St Wednesday
Southwood Rd Wednesday
Spring La Thursday
Spruce La Thursday
Squirrel Hill La Friday
St Augustine St Tuesday
St James St Tuesday
St. Charles Friday
Stafford St Wednesday
Stamford Dr Wednesday
Stanley St Thursday
Stanwood St Wednesday
Staples Pl Thursday
Starkel Rd Monday
Steele Rd Monday
Steep Hollow La Thursday
Steven St Wednesday
Still La Friday
Still Rd Friday
Stonebridge Friday
Stoneham Dr Monday
Stoner Dr Friday
Story Dr Wednesday
Stratford Friday
Sulgrave Rd Thursday
Sunny Reach Dr Monday
Sunny Slope dr Monday
Sunnydale Rd Monday
Sunrise Hill Dr Thursday
Sunset Farm Friday
Sunset Terr Thursday
Surrey Way Friday
Sycamore La Monday
Sycamore Rd Monday
Sylvan Ave Thursday
Tabor Crt Monday
Talcott Rd Wednesday
Tanager Dr Friday
Tanglewood Rd Monday
Taylor Rd Wednesday
Tecumseh Rd Monday
Terrace Rd Thursday
The Crossways Friday
Thicket La Friday
Thomas St Tuesday
Thomson Rd Tuesday
Thorne Rd Wednesday
Timber La Friday
Timberwood Rd Monday
Timothy Dr Wednesday
Timrod La Friday
Timrod Rd Friday
Tobey St Tuesday
Tolles St Wednesday
Treeborough Dr Friday
Trotwood Dr Friday
Trout Brook Dr (Albany-Asylum) Monday
Trout Brook Dr (Asylum-Fern) Monday
Trout Brook Dr (Fern-Park) Tuesday
Trout Brook Dr (Park-Woodmere) Tuesday
Trout Brook Terr Tuesday
Troutbrook Dr #200-518 Wednesday
Troy St Tuesday
Trumbull La Monday
Tumblebrook La Monday
Tunxis Rd Thursday
Underhill La Friday
Uplands Dr Friday
Valley Crest Dr Thursday
Van Buren Ave Thursday
Vanderbilt Ave Wednesday
Vanderbilt Rd Tuesday
Vandervere Rd Monday
Vardon Rd Monday
Vera St Tuesday
Vincent La Friday
Vine Hill Rd Wednesday
Visgrove La Friday
Walbridge Rd #1-69 Tuesday
Walbridge Rd #82-145 Monday
Walden St Thursday
Walker La Friday
Walkley Rd Tuesday
Walter Ave Tuesday
Walton Dr Thursday
Wampanoag Dr Friday
Wardwell Rd Thursday
Ware Ave Tuesday
Warren Terr Tuesday
Warrenton Ave Tuesday
Warwick St Tuesday
Washington Cir Tuesday
Watercliff Cir Friday
Waterside La Thursday
Webster Hill Blvd #25-200 Wednesday
Webster Hill Blvd #3-20 Tuesday
Wells Rd Thursday
Wendy La Friday
West Beacon St Tuesday
West Glouschester Pl Friday
West Hill Dr Tuesday
West Maxwell Dr Friday
West Normandy Dr Friday
West Ridge Dr Friday
West Willow Pl Friday
Westborough Dr Friday
Westbrook Rd Tuesday
Westcliff Dr Friday
Westfield Rd Tuesday
Westgate St Wednesday
Westland Ave Thursday
Westminster Dr Thursday
Westmont Friday
Westmoreland Dr Monday
Westphal St Tuesday
Westpoint Terr Thursday
Westwood Rd Monday
Wettleson Ave Thursday
Whetten Rd Monday
White Ave Tuesday
Whitehill Dr Friday
Whiting La Tuesday
Whitman Ave Thursday
Wilfred St Tuesday
Willow La Friday
Willowbrook Rd Thursday
Wiltshire La Monday
Winchester Cir Friday
Wingate La Friday
Winhall La Friday
Wintergreen La Friday
Winterset La Friday
Winthrop Rd Wednesday
Wolcott Rd Wednesday
Wood Pond Rd Thursday
Woodbury La Friday
Woodlawn St Wednesday
Woodmere Rd Tuesday
Woodmont Rd Friday
Woodridge Cir Thursday
Woodrow St Thursday
Woodruff Rd Thursday
Wyndwood Rd Friday
Yale St Wednesday
Young La Wednesday