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Curbside Collection

The Town of West Hartford strives to provide safe and reliable refuse and recycling services for all its eligible properties. Eligible properties are residential properties with (3) three or fewer dwelling units.

Refuse and Recycling collection services are contracted with Paine's Inc. 860-844-3000 based in East Granby, Connecticut. For the past 25 years, West Hartford's refuse has been delivered to a trash to energy plant and we continue to do so with Convanta Industries located in Bristol, Connecticut.

Refuse and Recycling Collection Schedule

Recycling is now collected every other week (bi-weekly).   
Please refer to the collection schedule to view your collection day and the holiday schedule.
For A/B Recycling Collection Schedule click here.

Collection Day Do's and Don't's:


1. Place your barrel(s) out before 6 a.m. on collection day. Please note that material to be presented for collection cannot be placed at the curb more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled collection date.

2. Keep the lid facing the street.

3. Make sure all items and material are placed inside the barrel(s).

4. Make sure the barrel(s) are at least 2 feet apart.

5. Obtain permits from either the Town or Paine's prior to scheduling a bulk pick-up.

6. Contact the Town or Paine's to change from 95-gallon barrel(s) to 65-gallon barrel(s) (single residences only)

7. Report missed collections to the Town or Paine's if the barrel(s) were placed out before 6 a.m. on collection day.

8. Contact the Town or Paine's if your barrels are damaged or stolen.

9. Use only barrels issued by the Town.

10. Remove barrel(s) within 24 hours after 6:00 a.m. of your scheduled collection day.

11. Make sure recycling items are placed in the blue recycling container, and regular household waste is placed in the green container.


1. Place any barrel(s) in the street.

2. Put explosives, automotive parts, animal remains, or biological, hazardous, liquid, radioactive, human or animal waste in your barrel.

3. Put leaves, grass clippings, brush and branches in your barrels. (brush and branches may be brought to the Recycling Center on Brixton Street after proper permits have been obtained)

4. Place hot ashes or coals into your barrels.

5. Paint, mark or otherwise damage your barrel(s). Remember you are responsible for your barrel(s) and any damage caused by you.