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Residential Leaf Voucher Program




To obtain a leaf voucher CLICK HERE, or call 860-561-8149.

1. Leaf vouchers are for West Hartford residential property owners only.

2. Leaf vouchers allow private contractors to dispose leaves from residential properties for free.

3. Leaf vouchers are valid 10 business days.

4. Contractors will provide your name and address when disposing leaves at the Yard Waste and Recycling Center.

5. If you plan on having your contractor service your property more than one time this season, you need to obtain a voucher for each service.

6. Vouchers will be honored from October 29, 2018-December 28, 2018.

7. Residents may use as many vouchers as needed during the 9-week period.

8. Residents can also obtain vouchers in person at these locations.

To read the press release regarding the leaf voucher program, click here.


Leaf voucher information packet.