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Snow Plow Policy

Snow Removal Policy
There are 218 miles of streets in Town. Snow removal cost can run the Town $1000’s per hour therefore it is important for DPW to use its resources wisely with cooperation from the residents and local contractors to minimize the cost. Snow throwing or pushing snow into the street from a private property or business is prohibited. Working together can help to minimize snow plowing cost and maintain a safe as possible street during and after the cleanup work is complete. To report a snow clearing violation, please call the West Hartford Police Department at (860) 523-5203.

Plow Routes – The streets are plowed and salted in order of priority. Main (Arterial) roads are addressed first. These streets carry the most traffic and are considered the backbone of our traffic system. Special attention to steep hills, and difficult intersections. Secondary main (collectors) roads are done next. These roads connect and or collect traffic coming from side streets and neighborhoods. Neighborhood streets, side roads, and then dead end streets are the last to be completed. These types of streets will remain unplowed if the main roads require repeated plowing. This may not seem fair to the residents of side streets or dead ends, but main roads must remain open.

Blocked Driveways – All snow plows angle the same way – to the driver's right – and when going by they will push the snow in front of a driveway. The homeowner is responsible for access to their driveway. The only way to avoid extra shoveling is to wait until DPW crews have done their final clean up on the street. After the storm, DPW may have to plow the road several times to restore the full width and scape off (slushing off) any residual snow accumulation. Extra attention is necessary to prevent road narrowing if we experience a high accumulation and long winters and post storm icing.

Sidewalks – Per Town ordinance, West Hartford property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalk along their property line within 12 hours after the storm or sunrise, whichever is later, and keeping them clear of snow and ice. Heavily used sidewalks near schools and public buildings, and the commercial areas are particularly important. Please help the WHFD and protect neighboring properties by shoveling around fire hydrants. 

To report a snow clearing violation, please call the West Hartford Police Department at (860) 523-5203.

Mailbox Damage – The Town repairs or replaces only mailboxes and/or posts that are actually struck by a plow blade. Usually a paint mark, metal to metal/wood contact, or truck tire tracks supply evidence of a mailbox strike. The Town does not repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that fall from the force of plowed snow also known as snow cast. Mailboxes and supporting posts must be installed to withstand the rigors of snow removal, including the force of snow pushed from the street onto the roadside.

Street Parking – If possible, during a storm residents should park in their driveways and not on the streets. This allows the plows to better clean the whole width of the street. It also lessens the likelihood of damage to the vehicles as a result of plowing. Similar to mailboxes, DPW is only responsible for damage done to a vehicle as a result of the plow blade actually striking the vehicle, not the effect of snow, ice, or salt hitting the vehicle as a result of plowing. An Emergency Parking ban is typically ordered. Vehicles parking on the street are subject to be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. Contact the West Hartford Police Department if your car has been towed.

Private Plowing – The Town of West Hartford prohibits plow contractors from pushing snow from driveways or parking lots onto Town streets. This practice is dangerous and impedes the Town's snow removal efforts. If there is no other alternative to pushing snow into the street, the plow driver must plow off the windrow left across the street by re-plowing until the road is safe. This may not necessarily mean bare pavement, but certainly it should be no worse than when the driver began work.

Road Applications - DPW will be applying only salt, specifically Clearlane enhanced salt, ClearLane® enhanced deicer.The use of this material reduces icing and snow pack from occurring. It allows the plowing and road scraping to be more effective to achieving our goal to maintain a safe as possible street.

Residents who feel they have a legitimate complaint should call DPW at 860-561-8100.