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Weekly Recycling

Weekly Recycling Now Available

The Town of West Hartford began weekly recycling on July 1, 2017. Recycling is collected every week on the same day as regular trash collection.

Connecticut's capacity for trash disposal is maxing out and it’s difficult to site new facilities. Continuing to generate the same amount of waste is a costly option. Most of what we throw away can be reused, recycled, or composted.

This past winter the Department of Public Works began a messaging campaign and held meetings with residents to introduce alternative programs such as SMART- Save Money and Reduce Trash.  Programs such as these have been proven to be very successful with waste volume reduction.

During the public meetings residents were energized about this topic by recognizing the challenges the community faces with respect to waste volume reduction and the state disposal capacity.  The overwhelming majority recognized and commented that weekly recycling was the number one way to drive down our waste volumes.

Beginning July 1st, Paine’s will start collecting any extra carts from residents with more than one recycling cart and will begin weekly recycling.

Residents are reminded to place carts out before 6 AM on collection day, and make sure carts are at least 2 feet apart.

For questions regarding weekly recycling, please contact the Public Works Department at 860-561-8100, or Paine’s at 860-844-3000.