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 Information Guides and Land Use Applications

Permit Application for Lot Split, Lot Line Revisions, Special Use Permit, Subdivision, Site Plan

Building Lines

Definition of Building Line (Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 177-2):  A line on a lot or parcel of land establishing the minimum setback for structures from a street line.  Building line may or may not be coterminous with a street line.  In the case of a rear lot, the building line shall be established parallel to the front lot line.

Building line setbacks are different from rear yard and side yard setbacks in that they are not zone specific.  Rather, building line setbacks differ by street and in many cases, change block-by-block.  To determine what the building line setback is for a given parcel use the PDF portfolio of building lines found at the link above and using our GIS system (see link under next heading below) find your street and follow the references to cross-streets and distances listed on the sheet to find where a given parcel falls. 

Zoning, Wetland and Floodplain Maps

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Use the GIS maps to find zone. Use the interactive mapping tab to find wetland and floodplain maps for a property location.
  • Maps are available in the Planning Office and On-Line Map Library
  • Floodplain information is provided to residents, banks, insurance companies and developers.

Zoning Applications

Zoning Board of Appeals Applications and Checklists