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Board of Assessment Appeals

The Board of Assessment Appeals considers appeals for real estate, business personal property and motor vehicles in the month of March.  According to Connecticut State Statute §12-111, for an appeal to be considered, a written application must be submitted to the Assessors on or before February 20 (postmarks are accepted).  However, the Board of Assessment Appeals may decide not to hear an appeal "...for any commercial, industrial, utility or apartment property with and assessed value greater than $1,000,000".  Once all the applications are submitted, the owner (or appointed agent) will be notified of the date and time of the hearing.

Real Estate Appeals

Please remember all real estate assessments are as of the last revaluation date.  Any sales/appraisal information dated after the revaluation date will not be considered. 

Business Personal Property Appeals 

Please remember to bring a filled out Declaration of Personal Property to be submitted to the Board.

Motor Vehicle Appeals

Please be sure to bring your vehicle with you.  If there is no vehicle present, the Board may decide not to hear your case.  Also be sure to bring any other pertinent information to show the Board, such as salvaged/rebuilt titles or odometer disclosure statements.

The Board of Assessment Appeals also meets in September for motor vehicle appeals (only).  The September appeals are on a first come first serve basis so there is no application due date.  The registered vehicle owner (or appointed agent) would need to bring a filled out application to the appeals with the said motor vehicle and any other information to support their claim that the assessment is too high.  The dates and times of the September appeals are listed at the top of the appeal application.

BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS (3 Members; 3 year term, Charter Chapter IV, 2; Code Sec. 5-4)


Appeals Application Form
Agent Appointment Form 
Motor Vehicle Application Form

Meeting Minutes

Board Members

Jonathan Dixon

Board Member

Adam Keating

Board Member

John O'Connell

Board Member

Jeffrey Azia


Linda Johnson


Brian Sullivan