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Fair Rent Commission

The Town of West Hartford Fair Rent Commission has the authority to receive and hear complaints of excessive rental charges. The Commission is comprised of seven members who serve a 2-year term. The Commission does not meet regularly, but on an as needed based.


How does a tenant file a complaint with the Commission?

If you wish to file a complaint, please complete the Fair Rent Commission Complaint Form (for the form in Spanish, click here). The complaint should be dated and include a brief description of the reason for filing the complaint, contact information for the landlord and person filing the complaint, and the signature of the person filing the complaint.  If you have questions or require assistance, please email Liz Buczynski.

Under What Circumstances Might a Tenant File an Excessive Rent Complaint with the Commission?

A tenant might file a complaint if:

  1. the tenant has been notified of a substantial increase in rent which would cause the rent to be higher than what other tenants in the community are paying for similar apartments;
  2. a major service which the landlord had previously supplied has been decreased to an extent that affects the rental value of the apartment; or
  3. it appears that the landlord has requested the rent increase in retaliation for the tenant's having made a request for repairs; a health, safety or housing code inquiry or complaint to the Town; or taking some other action which the landlord perceived as adverse.
How Does the Commission Process Excessive Rent Complaints?

Once a tenant has filed a complaint, the Town's staff liaison will work with both tenant and landlord to see if the parties can come to a mutual agreement. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the complaint will be scheduled for an administrative hearing.

archived Meeting Minutes

Board Members

Nastajha Ortiz


Nichole Berklas

Vice Chair

Kyle Zelazny


Venica Blythe

Board Member

Ashley Rigby

Board Member

Alexis Safo-Agyeman

Board Member

Bruce Wittchen

Board Member