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West Hartford

Mayor's Youth Council

The West Hartford Mayor’s Youth Council shall advise and make appropriate recommendations to West Hartford government regarding issues of special interest to West Hartford’s youth and put in place solutions through active civic engagement.

Board Members

Reese Berigan - 12th Conard
Daphne Brewer - 10th Conard
Jack Gold - 12th Kingswood Oxford
Tziyona Goldfischer - 12th New England Jewish Academy
Sarah Granquist - 10th Hall
Kikoh Mordukai - 11th Hall
Kris Rimal - 11th Conard
Zaara Shahzad - 12th Hall
Priya Sinha - 11th Hall
Tess Chapman - 12th Kingswood Oxford
Kushal Gauli - 9th Conard
Oliver Hartmann - 10th Hall
Mohan Palanki - Kingswood Oxford
Evan Piccioli - 11th Conard
Jeffry Rosborg - 12th Conard
Priya Shinde - 11th Hall
Caitlin Striff-Cave - 12th Hall
Ailani Roach - 11th Conard
Kari Karp -  Board Liaison,

Meeting Minutes