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West Hartford

Metropolitan District

Long Term Control Plan- Final documents 

The Metropolitan District Commission's policy making body is the 29 member Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners are appointed by their respective Town Councils, the Governor, and leaders of the General Assembly.

West Hartford has 3 members and 1 member who is appointed by the Governor .  They serve a 6-year term. The commission meets on the first Monday of the month.

METROPOLITAN DISTRICT COMMISSION (4 Members, 6-year term, Town joined District 2-18-83) (3 Max.) 

Annual Schedule of Meetings 

The Metropolitan District meetings are held at The Metropolitan District Headquarters, 555 Main Street, Hartford.

District Board Meeting - 5:30 PM are held on the following dates:
January  4th
February 8th
March  1st
April 5th
May 3rd
June 7th
July 7th 
August 2nd
September 1st
October 4th
November 3rd 
December 6th


Personnel, Pension and Insurance - 4:00 PM
Board of Finance - 5:00 PM
Meetings are held on the following dates:
February 10th
May 12th
August 11th
November 10th 


Water Bureau - 4:00 PM
Bureau of Public Works - 5:00 PM
March  10th
June 9th
September 22nd
November 22nd 


Note: The remaining Standing and Special Boards, Committees and Commission will meet on an as-needed basis, at the call of the Chair.

Board Members

William DiBella


Richard Bush

Board Member

James Healy

Board Member

Allen Hoffman

Board Member

Maureen Magnan

Board Member

Jackie Mandyck

Board Member

Scott Jellison

Chief Executive Officer