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West Hartford

Prevention Council

The West Hartford Prevention Council (establish by ordinance 10/7/19) is dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, substance abuse and mental health issues. The Council facilitates activities and/or makes recommendations regarding possible activities to the Town Council that may increase public awareness of substance abuse and prevention initiatives or that promote mental health in the context of overall health and wellness. The nine-member panel, non-voting members and ex-officio members meet once per month, except in July and August, on the second Thursday of the month at 5:00 PM in West Hartford Town Hall. Please contact the Social Services Office for more information at 860-561-7560.

West Hartford Cares Directory Resource

Click the link for West Hartford Cares Directory Resource for a comprehensive list of contact information for those services.  The West Hartford Resource Directory lists telephone numbers for services that you'll need in time of crisis, including the Poison Control hotline, local hospitals as well as agencies that have professionals who can help with child abuse, domestic violence, gambling, parenting, substance abuse and more. A wallet-size card of this resource directory is available at the Customer Service Desk of Town Hall.

Meeting Dates

Meeting Minutes

Board Members

Carl Shields


Howard Dashefsky

Vice Chair

Jessica Evans

School Counselor

Christopher Dutton

Board Member

Bob Macca

Board Member

Nordia Napier

Board Member

Gretchen Levitz-Kimball

Board Member




Shari Cantor, Mayor
Rick Ledwith,  Town Manager
Melissa Hickey, Superintendent Representative
Tor Fiske, Superintendent Representative
Nicholas Sanford, Police Department Representative.
Ari Steinberg, BOE Representative
Joseph Hopkins, Police Department Representative
Helen Rubino-Turco, Social Services Representative
Megan Westcott, WHBHD Representative
Derek Williams, Student Representative
Natalie Gavalis, Student Representative

There is a vacancy for one (1) School Counselor