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Risk Management

The Risk Management Advisory Board advises the Town Council and Board of Education on matters related to the risk management program and meets with the town and school system administrations on such matters pertaining to risk management as may affect public policy.

There are 3 members appointed by the Town Council and 3 members appointed by the Board of Education who serve a 3-year term.  Please see their calendar for meeting dates.

RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORY BOARD (6 Members, 3 Council and 3 Board, 3-year term, Code Sec. 18-18)

Meeting Dates

Meeting Minutes


Clerk of the Board: John Stewart
Peter Privitera, Director of Financial Services, Town
Elizabeth Hewitt, Finance Director, Board of Education


Shari Cantor, Mayor
Lee Gold, Minority Leader
Matthew Hart, Town Manager
Dallas Dodge, Corporation Counsel
Lisa Michaud, Risk Manager
Rick Ledwith, Executive Director Human Resources
Thomas Moore, Superintendent of Schools
Andrew Morrow, Assistant Superintendent
Mark Zydanowicz, Board of Education

Board Members

Cathy Gobes

Board Member

Ian Green

Board Member

Robert Herr

Board Member

Jeffrey Kadison



1 Vacancy for Board of Ed appointees