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Legal Notice(s)
Town Council Approval Legal Notice
September 28, 2021 Town Council Public Hearings Legal Notice
September 27, 2021 Historic District Public Hearing Legal Notice

September 14, 2021 Town Council Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2021 Mayor's Youth Council Minutes


Public Notice(s)

None at this time

Any individual with a disability who needs special assistance to participate in a meeting or public hearing, should contact Suzanne Oslander, Department of Social Services, 860-561-7580 seven (7) days prior to the meeting or public hearing.

- Essie S. Labrot, Town Clerk 

For meetings being held solely using Electronic Equipment, any member of the public, upon request, will be provided a physical location and electronic equipment necessary to attend the meeting in real time. Such request must be submitted in writing via email to the Town Clerk or mailed to 50 South Main Street, West Hartford CT 06117 not less than 24 hours prior to the meeting

- Essie S. Labrot, Town Clerk