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Sustainable CT - West Hartford

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The Town of West Hartford participates in Sustainable CT, a statewide voluntary municipal certification program to recognize thriving and resilient Connecticut municipalities.

Created in 2018, Sustainable CT is an independently funded, grassroots, municipal effort that provides a wide-ranging menu of best practices, as well as technical assistance, funding, and support. Municipalities choose Sustainable CT actions, implement them, and earn points toward certification. The program also encourages opportunities for partnership, peer learning, and collaboration at all levels.

West Hartford is very proud to be one of the first municipalities certified by Sustainable CT – earning Bronze-level certification in 2018. West Hartford earned Silver-level certification in 2021 and became one of four Connecticut communities designated as a Climate Leader in 2022. In August 2024, the Town will be submitting an application for Gold-level certification, which is the highest level of certification available to date and places particular emphasis on equity, climate action, and collaboration. Reports for all certified towns, including West Hartford, are available on Sustainable CT’s website.

What can you do?

  • Learn more about Sustainable CT program and check out their training and resources.
  • Encourage the Town of West Hartford to implement more Sustainable CT actions.
  • Raise funds and implement your own qualifying sustainability project using Sustainable CT’s Community Match Fund.
  • Encourage the few remaining Connecticut municipalities that aren’t registered with the Sustainable CT program to join!


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