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How Would You Improve Roadway Safety in West Hartford?

Please take this 5-minute survey to provide your input on the roadway safety issues that affect you and the safety changes you would like to see.

Your input will help inform the West Hartford Vision Zero Action Plan.

Below you will find the survey available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese (Traditional).

If you prefer to complete this survey and/or web map in print, visit the Town Hall front desk or the nearest West Hartford Public Library. You may also download and print the document.

Please provide input on locations where you feel safe  or unsafe, or have suggestions for safety improvements, through our interactive mapping activity.

The survey and web map will be open until 4PM on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

The first public meeting was held on September 19, 2023. To view the recorded presentation, go to West Hartford Community Interactive's YouTube channel: or download the presentation here.

Town of West Hartford Vision Zero Initiative

First implemented in Sweden, cities and towns across the United States are committing to Vision Zero.  Vision  Zero is premised on the fundamental principle that loss of life and serious injury from traffic crashes is unacceptable, yet acknowledges that while people make mistakes, the Town’s roadway network should be designed to ensure that those inevitable mistakes do not result in severe injuries or deaths.

On January 10, 2023, the Town of West Hartford Town Council unanimously adopted the Vision Zero Initiative in Support of Safe, Health and Equitable Mobility with the goal of eliminating fatalities and severe injuries on West Hartford streets by 2033.

The Town’s Vision Zero Initiative supports the following five principles:

  • Deaths and serious injuries caused by traffic crashes are preventable;
  • Human life and health should be prioritized in all transportation systems and in all aspects of transportation planning and design;
  • Human error is inevitable and transportation systems should be forgiving;
  • Transportation planning should focus on system-level changes to influence all individual’s behavior; and
  • Speed is a highly important factor in crash severity

Vision Zero is bold, aspirational and reinforces that we need shifts in thinking, planning, prioritizing and taking action.  Our residents and visitors deserve to be safe as they move about Town, whether walking, bicycling, driving or taking public transit and our Vision Zero Initiative will play a pivotal role in achieving those safety goals.

Project Schedule

Vision Zero Project Schedule

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West Hartford Vision Zero Task Force Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

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West Hartford Vision Zero Task Force Subscribe to Alerts
Town Hall, Room 400

Agenda TBA

Additional meeting dates are to be announced. 

Anyone requiring auxiliary aid or service for effective communication or modification of polices and procedures to participate in a meeting, service, program, or activity of the Town of West Hartford should contact Suzanne Oslander, ADA Coordinator, at or 860-561-7580, as soon as possible, preferably 7 days beforehand.

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