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Parking ban

Public Works has issued a parking ban beginning at midnight Monday 3/12/18 until 5 PM Tuesday 3/13/18. 

Parking Ban
During a parking ban no on-street parking is allowed so that Public Works crews can remove snow from curb-to-curb. Cars left on the road create a safety hazard for all concerned. The owner will receive a fine and the car will be towed.
Please take this parking ban seriously and make safe plans for your vehicle.

Off-Street Parking
Off-street neighborhood municipal lots are open for your convenience. Pay-to-park fees will apply at municipal center parking lots and parking garages.

Parking is not allowed in school parking lots.

The West Hartford Police Department will be proactively assisting the Department of Public Works to ensure that the roads are clear of illegally parked vehicles. Cars in violation of the snow ban will be ticketed and towed.

Overnight Parking Omit disabled
The on-line overnight parking omit system will be disabled until the parking ban is over.

Per Town ordinance, West Hartford property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalk along their property line within 12 hours after the storm or sunrise, whichever is later, and keeping them clear of snow and ice. Heavily used sidewalks near schools and public buildings, and the commercial areas are particularly important. To report a snow clearing violation, please call the West Hartford Police Department at (860) 523-5203.

It is important for property owners to consider people with disabilities or individuals who may use mobility devices to navigate town sidewalks and pedestrian routes as they are clearing snow and ice. Ensure sidewalks and curb ramps at intersections/street crossings provide enough clear width to traverse. Snow should also be entirely removed from accessible/handicap parking spaces and their adjacent access aisle. Snow must not be placed in accessible parking spaces or access aisles.

Please help the Fire Department and protect neighboring properties by shoveling around fire hydrants.

Trash & Recyclables Collection
Trash and recyclables will be collected on schedule. Place barrels near the sidewalk and away from the edge of the road.  (Do not place them into the roadway.)  After the barrels have been emptied, please remove them as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your cooperation. Be safe.