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Survey seeks opinion on new logo

Survey asks the public feedback on new logo for the Town of West Hartford

WEST HARTFORD, CONN. (February 1, 2019) – The Town of West Hartford embarked upon an initiative to produce a new logo that matches our image and vision. Now, the community can weigh in on the final design.

“As you may remember, in September, the first phase of this project was to gather words that best describe West Hartford which would serve as inspiration for the logo design. That survey resulted in 883 responses,” said Renée McCue, public relations specialist.

The words and phrases that got the most votes were: Top-Rated Schools, Best Place to Raise a Family, High Quality of Life, Vibrant, Diverse and Engaged Community. Based on this community feedback, logo designs were developed.

“West Hartford means so many different things to the people who live and work here. Our two logo finalists capture the essence of West Hartford very well,” said Renée McCue, public relations specialist.

The block logo design with the four different fonts and colors was inspired by the alphabet wall in Webster Walk at Blue Back Square. The logo represents the diversity of West Hartford's offerings. The use of four very different, contrasting typefaces stacked in colored blocks for 'WHCT' are representative of the idea that West Hartford has anything and everything that one could look for in a town. The blue H and red C are also a nod to Hall and Conard high schools. It's playful, yet timeless and sophisticated.

The rectangular-shaped logo was inspired by the clock tower in West Hartford Center. This logo puts a modern spin on an enduring symbol of West Hartford - the dome and clock tower of the old town hall - and pays homage to the town's history. The half circle behind the clock tower can represent either a sunrise or a sunset, highlighting all that West Hartford offers, day and night. The curved horizon line symbolizes the connection of all areas of West Hartford.

“From a branding perspective, every ten years organizations should reflect on how they have changed and ask themselves, ‘Does this logo still represent who we are?,” said Lindsay Ryan Jepsen, managing partner of Ryan Marketing, a West Hartford strategic marketing and public relations firm. Ryan Marketing was selected to lead West Hartford’s logo project in May, 2018.

“The Town of West Hartford’s logo was way overdue for a new design,” said McCue.
“Our current logo is 30 years old!” she said.

“We look forward to the community feedback and will circle back with the Town Council’s announcement of the selected logo design,” McCue said.

The online survey will be open from February 1 through February 15, 2019. Click here to get started: http://bit.ly/WHLogo

West Hartford’s logo project team included Town Manager Matt Hart, Public Relations Specialist Renée McCue, Executive Assistant Brittany Stephenson, Town Clerk Essie Labrot, Director of Leisure Services & Social Services Helen Rubino Turco, Town Planner Todd Dumais, Economic Development Specialist Kristen Gorski, and Library Specialist Joe Cadieux. From Ryan Marketing, the project included Justine Konecky, project manager, Ben Roberts, creative director and Lindsay Ryan Jepsen, managing partner.