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Town of West Hartford unveils new logo and seal

Town of West Hartford unveils new logo and seal 

WEST HARTFORD, CONN. (May 31, 2019) – “Simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate” are words that best describe the Town of West Hartford’s new logo and seal. Now, after months of refinements, the community will get to see it.

The logo project was prompted by several factors.

“One of the first things I noticed soon after I joined the Town of West Hartford, was that there was no consistent use of a logo across departments. Some departments had the full image, while others cut it in half. Some used a completely different logo altogether,” said Matt Hart, Town Manager.

With the present logo over 30 years old, the Town of West Hartford’s logo was overdue for a new design that reflected the town’s vibrancy while celebrating its history.

In May 2018, the Town of West Hartford embarked upon an initiative to produce a new logo and, over the course of a year, the project was guided by community surveys and comments.

“We received hundreds of comments from West Hartford residents in the first two phases of this project. We were able to take all of that information and turn it into a logo that is a product of community collaboration,” said Town Councilor Liam Sweeney.

“In February, the community weighed in on two designs and the clock tower image overwhelmingly had the majority of votes,” said Renée McCue, Public Relations Specialist.

Since then, the committee worked with Ryan Marketing, a West Hartford marketing and design firm, on refining the image and the result is the logo we have today.

“As both a resident of and business owner in West Hartford, it was an honor to be involved in the first branding effort for the town in many decades,” said Lindsay Ryan Jensen, managing partner at Ryan Marketing.

“It was an interesting, creative process to talk to and hear from fellow members of the community to learn how they view our town and how they want it represented. This final logo is the result of much research, feedback and input – and we believe it is a strong visual that celebrates the legacy and possibilities of our beautiful town.”

The blue and gold logo and seal was inspired by the clock tower on the old Town Hall in West Hartford Center and pays homage to the town's history.

The old Town Hall building at 44 South Main Street was a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) sponsored project during the Great Depression. The PWA provided a $134,782 grant toward the total construction cost of $321,176 and the building was constructed between December 1935 and February 1937.

In 2007, the building on South Main Street became part of Blue Back Square. During the construction of the new business district, the pivotal feature of the old town hall building, the clock tower and gold dome, was carefully restored and preserved.

Although clock towers are today mostly admired for their aesthetics, they once served an important purpose. Before the middle of the twentieth century, most people did not have watches, and prior to the 18th century, even home clocks were rare. To this end, clocks were placed in town centers, often in the tallest structures, so the townspeople could read the time whenever they wanted.

“The clock tower was also a feature in many versions of past logos, which provides an element of continuity from the old to the new,” said Todd Dumais, Town Planner.

“West Hartford means so many different things to the people who live and work here. Capturing that essence in an image was no small challenge,” said Mayor Shari Cantor. “I commend the committee and Ryan Marketing for all their good work on this project.”

“The best logos should be a recognizable brand upon first sight, be able to explain itself in the size of a postage stamp, and be easily adaptable to various formats. I believe this logo accomplishes all of those requirements,” said Mr. Hart.

The logo is the first step in a multi-level branding campaign that includes a new website for the Town of West Hartford, as well as a new resident promotional brochure. The new logo will also be used for new printed material (letterhead, envelopes, and business cards) and official documents, as those items are exhausted.

“We do not plan to rush out and replace everything that we have in stock now,” explains Mr. Hart, “as that would not be a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.”

“Instead, we’ll replace our existing inventory of printed material as it is depleted.”