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Conard & Hall: Top STEM High Schools

Best STEM High Schools in America

Newsweek magazine just published a double issue on the “Best STEM High Schools in America” (Top 500 listed in the magazine and Top 5000 listed on their website).

I am very pleased to let you know that both Conard and Hall were ranked in the top 500 high schools (both public and private) for STEM in the United States.

This is a unique achievement, as we are the only community that looks like we do, with similar demographics, to make the list, not just once, but twice! What else sets this apart is that we have two comprehensive high schools, not singularly devoted to STEM, that have been recognized for their excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

This work starts as soon as pre-K in our schools, as we seek to prepare our children for the world that they will enter through a focus on problem solving, not rote memorization of formulas and facts.

As always, I thank the teachers at all levels for the work that they do, our leaders for setting the right tone, our students for their effort and diligence, and our parents and the community for their support and demand for a great school system. I am so fortunate to be the superintendent here, and to have my children go through our schools.

Congratulations and thanks to you all.

Tom Moore, Superintendent
West Hartford Public Schools