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West Hartford’s Grand List growth doubles

Growth in the Town of West Hartford’s October 1, 2019 Grand List of taxable and exempt property has doubled over last year as new residential and commercial properties are completed.

“Overall the Grand List had a 0.82% increase over last year, up from 0.43%,” said Joseph Dakers, Sr., Director of Assessments.

“The biggest increases were in personal property and motor vehicles,” said Mr. Dakers.

Personal property increased by 2.9% or $5,866,459 for a total of $205,201,271, and motor vehicles increased by 3.5% or $15,001,212 for a total of $448,168,209.

West Hartford continues to see new commercial/residential construction and remodeling projects all around town. The real property list grew 0.55% or $31,168,568 for a total of $5,714,958,864.

            “This year’s growth results from several factors: changes in status of the UConn campus from exempt to taxable comprising two parcels adding $11,007,360, Delamar hotel, Target at Bishops Corner, Ringgold Estates (as units are declared, their incremental value is added), Gledhill Estates (incremental value, still incomplete), 16 new residential homes, and ongoing residential remodeling projects,” said Mr. Dakers.

“We are pleased to see to see commercial and residential investments in every section of town, which bring value to those who live and work in West Hartford,” said Mayor Shari Cantor.

“We can look forward to additional growth as some of the bigger projects in town move from construction to completion,” she said.

Those properties include the proposed Fintech Village at the former UConn property, and the new apartments at One Park Road, the Sisters of St. Joseph property, to name a couple.

The total net assessed value of all taxable property prior to Board of Assessment Appeal revisions is $6,368,328,344; an increase in the net taxable list of $52,036,239.

“The 0.82% increase in Grand List growth translates to about $2 million in new tax dollars; this increase will help balance next year’s operating budget,” said Town Manager Matthew Hart.

Each January the Town Assessor is required to submit a certified Grand List in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes. The 2019 Grand List reflects all changes in ownership and valuation.

10 Highest Taxpayers

  1. Blueback Square Holdings LP - $72,983,440
  2. West Farms Mall - $52,530,470
  3. Connecticut Light & Power - $46,100,130
  4. FW CT – Corbins Corners (1459 New Britain Ave) - $42,378,420
  5. SF West Hartford Property Owner LLC (1445 New Britain Ave) - $29,271,060
  6. Town Center West Associates (29 South Main St) - $28,068,940
  7. McAuley Center Inc. (253 Steele Rd) - $24,529,330
  8. Steele Road LLC. (243 Steele Rd) - $23,426,410
  9. BFN Westgate LLC (1248 Farmington Ave) - $20,510,450
  10. Bishops Corner (E & A) (2523 Albany Ave) - $18,200,000