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West Hartford

Comprehensive Energy Plan

In December 2008, the Town Council requested the West Hartford Clean Energy Task Force to a comprehensive energy plan by March 1, 2009 for the Town's buildings, lighting, and vehicle fleet and to identify opportunities for (i) energy mitigation through improved efficiencies and a culture of conservation and (ii) the increased use of clean and renewable energy sources.

energy plan

In 2009, the Town Council adopted this plan, which only targeted town operations and infrastructure. The plan did not address clean energy and energy efficiency opportunities for residents and businesses, but recommended that future versions broaden the scope of the plan to include all of West Hartford.

The 2009 Energy Plan can be downloaded here.

In 2020, The West Hartford Clean Energy Commission (WH-CEC) updated the plan to include sections on Residential, Commercial and Industrial (including business and municipal operations), Transportation, and Clean Energy. The new plan also adopts some readily-available quantitative metrics that can be tracked over time. The WH-CEC will update the Energy Plan every 2 years.
Town Council adopted the 2020 Energy Plan on June 22, 2021. It can be downloaded here.